Create a Space in 5 Minutes or Less!

Ready to get started? You can set up your own Gather Space in less than 5 minutes! There is no cost to creating or editing a Space. You can even invite up to 25 people to visit your Space for free! If you have more than 25 guests, or would like to host your Space on a premium server for the duration of your event, check out info about Reservations.

Creating a Space

On our homepage (, click Sign up or Get started for free.

The Gather website homepage with Launch Gather buttons outlined in red. Get started by clicking Sign up or Get started for free on our homepage.

If this is your first time using Gather, you will see a simple landing page with a prompt to create a new Space or sign in. You do not need to create an account to test out Gather. However, if you would like to save the Space you create during this session, you must create an account or sign in. Otherwise, click Create a new space in the middle or bottom left on your screen.

Warning: Any Spaces created while on an Anonymous account may be lost, even if you sign in or sign up after the fact. 

The landing page for users to create a new space or to sign in or sign up. Create a new space buttons are outlined in red.Select Create a new space to design your Space. Make sure to sign up or sign in if you want to save this Space for future use.

After clicking Create a new space, a page displays for you to select a template or to start with a blank Space. 

Using Templates

You can create a Space using one of our out-of-box, fully decorated templates—choosing from a variety of categories list on the left. Scroll through each category to see all options. (The scroll bar is next to the templates, rather than on the far right of the page.) You can also click Start from blank or Blank in the templates list to create a unique Space from scratch. If you'd like to make a completely custom Space, see our article on Custom Map Creation.

A list of template options displays. Office is currently selected, and 24 options display in the counter next to the category. A red box highlights that the scroll bar is next to the template previews, rather than on the right of the window. Choose a template by previewing Spaces in different categories. To scroll through the available templates, use the scroll button next to the template previews. You can also select Start from blank to create your own Space from scratch.

You can narrow down the template options by clicking Filter. Choose approximately how many users will be in the Space and whether you want your Space to be inside or outside, or both.  Click Apply filter. 

Note: Number of users is the max number of the users you expect to have online and in your Space at the same time. Consider it a rough estimate of the maximum capacity of your Space.

The filter button has been clicked, showing a pop-up window of the options for Number of users and Type of areas. Narrow down Gather templates by clicking the green Filter button. Select the Number of users and the Type of areas, then click Apply filter.

Name Your Space

When you find the perfect template, click the template preview.  Your choice is outlined in green, and a Space details menu displays. Enter a name for your Space; this will be part of the URL for your Space. Select whether you would like your Space to be password protected. (Click the Password protect toggle to the right to require passwords. A Password field displays. Enter a secure password to share with your guests.)  Finally, answer the required question, "What are you building the space for?" and click Create space.

Warning: You cannot rename a Space once it created. If you make a mistake, you can always create a new Space with the correct name using the Copy from Existing Space feature.

After selecting a template, select your Space settings. To require participants to use a password to enter the space, toggle Password protect on (turns green). Enter a secure password. Choose the reason for building the space, and click Create space.

If you are not signed in to Gather, after you click Create space, a confirmation message displays. Use this opportunity to sign in or sign up to save your Space for future use. If you are just creating a test Space that does not need to be permanently saved, select Create space without signing in

A confirmation message displays if you try to create a space without being logged in. If you do not need this Space permanently saved for future use, click Create space without signing in.

Final Notes

Congratulations on creating your first Gather Space! Once you've chosen your avatar, you're ready to start building. You can invite others to test out the space by either directly sending them the URL of your Space, or by clicking the Gather icon in the upper left corner and selecting Invite people.

A view of the game room displays. A red outline is around the menu that displays when you click the Gather icon. A banner at the top of the page announces that the account is unclaimed.Click the Gather icon in the top right corner to find your Space's URL or to Invite people. 

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