Copying a Room or Space

Whether you want to duplicate an existing room you already have or you want to clone an entire space from someone else, you need to first make sure you  have the proper access permissions and then follow the steps below.

Access Permissions

To clone or duplicate a room or space, you first need:

  • To be logged into the destination account you want to copy the room or space to
  • Make sure you are an Owner or Builder of the space and/or the space the room is located in

To give someone build access to your space See this page on User Roles.

Copying a Room

After being logged in and making sure you have Builder permissions, click the "+ " to  create a new room, type in a name, and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Make sure you type in a name and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard when you create a new room. 

Click "start with an existing space" then select the space and then select the room.
 To copy an existing room, click the button on the right that says "Start with an existing space"

Copying an Entire Space

Making sure you are logged in and have Owner permissions as outline above. To clone a space from someone else, you need to give the receiving account build access to your current space. On the receiving account, you will then click "Create space" and clone the existing space, which should be found under the custom tab:

You can easily copy your existing Spaces by clicking the button at the top of the screen and selecting the Space you would like to copy.

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