Calendar Integration

Gather offers calendar integration so that you can share and view events for all participants in the Space. This article will cover how to add a public calendar, how to add a new event to a public calendar—including how to create a custom location link for the event, and how to view existing events.

Warning: Only Admins and Mods can add a Space-wide calendar to the Space. Events Spaces may have a session schedule instead of a calendar. To return to a calendar and to create custom spawn links in Spaces with a schedule, you need to add a Space-wide calendar. 

Add Space-Wide Calendar

Open Settings in the main menu (Ctrl/⌘+P). From Settings, select the Space tab and select Space Preferences. The first feature is Space-wide Calendar. Paste your public iCalendar (iCal) link in the field and select Save

The Space Settings modal open to Space Preferences. The first feature that displays is Space-wide Calendar with a field to paste your iCal link and a Save button.From the Space tab in Settings, under Space Preferences, enter your public iCal link under Space-wide Calendar.

Refresh your Gather Space and select Calendar in the toolbar to view the public calendar. 

Note: In remote work Spaces, you have the option to sign into Google and add your personal calendar. Read more on personal v. Space calendars.

Riley standing in the center of decorated desks. The Events pane is open and the calendar icon is outlined in red in the toolbar. In the events pane, a past Clients Team Meeting shows, as well as an upcoming All-Hands meeting. The Events pane also shows buttons to Sign in with Google or to create new event.Select Calendar in the toolbar to view the Space-wide calendar. 

Finding Your iCal Link

If you're not sure how to find your iCal link, here are a few external resources. Basically, any calendar that can generate a public iCal link can be used. 

Note: Make sure you generate a link to your public calendar so that Gather can display it. If integrating with Outlook or Apple, you will only be able to view events from the external calendar; you will not be able to create events within your Gather Space that display on the external calendar. 

Manage Calendar

When a public calendar is added to a Space, it is visible to all people in the Space. People in your Space have the ability to create new events when they meet two criteria: (a) they have the Admin, Mod, or Builder user role, which gives access to event creation in Gather, and (b) they have edit access in the calendar's native application (e.g., in Google Calendar or Outlook). Otherwise, guests can only view events in the Space, but keep in mind they can view all events, not just the ones to which they are invited.

Add New Event

In the toolbar, select Calendar. The Events pane displays. Select Create new event. The Create new calendar event window opens. Click the Select location drop-down. Any previously created custom Spawn locations will display in the list.

The Create new calendar event modal is outlined in red. The descriptive text reads Choose the location for your event! We will then take you to Google calendar to fill in the rest of the details. The drop-down field shows All Hands (in Rw allhands 24) and a Create in Google calendar button. Beneath is a link to copy location.In the Create new calendar event pop-up, click the Select location drop-down to view a list of available custom Spawn locations. Click either Create in Google Calendar or Copy location link to access a link to the custom Spawn location.

Select the location of the event and click Create in Google Calendar. Google Calendar will open, and you will be able to add event details like date and time. The Location field for the event is populated in Google with the link for your custom Spawn location. 

Note: If you just want to grab the link for the custom Spawn location, click Copy location link. You can then share the link however you wish. You can also copy the link from your Google Calendar event.

Create Custom Spawn Location

To create a new location specific to your meeting, open the Calendar. Click Create new event. The Create new calendar event window opens. Click the Select location drop-down. Click Create a new location. The Create a location pop-up displays, where you can click Open Mapmaker

The Events pane is open and the Create a location modal is open as well. The text for the modal reads This will direct you to Mapmaker. Create a spawn tile effect with a spawn tile ID to create your first spawn link. Learn more about Spawn tiles. With Back and Open Mapmaker buttons.To add a custom location for an event, select Create a location, then select Open in Mapmaker.

Using the Mapmaker, add Spawn tiles with custom Spawn Tile IDs. Once you're done adding your custom Spawn tiles, return to your Space. Click Back in the Create a location pop-up. The new custom location displays in the drop-down list.

Note: Need a brush-up on Spawn tiles? Read our Spawn tiles article.

When the scheduled event takes place, participants in your Space can open the calendar to see the event and easily navigate to the meeting location. They have two options: Locate, which shows them a line to follow to manually navigate to the meeting location, or Teleport, which takes them directly to the custom Spawn location. 

View Events

To view the day's events, select Calendar in the toolbar. The Events panel expands, with a list of events for the current day. The event list shows the event name, the time, and the location. Events in the past are semi-transparent. 

Note: Only publicly listed events from the current day on a public calendar will be displayed. 

When you click on an event, a pop-up displays with event info. (The amount of info that displays depends on the amount of info entered during event creation.) You may see the full event title; the day, date, and time; the custom Spawn location name, with the room name in parentheses; a list of attendees who have said Yes to the event; and the Locate and Teleport buttons. 

The Events pane is open and the All Hands Meeting is outlined in red with a red arrow pointing to the event details modal, which shows All-Hands Meeting Monday April 4 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm All Hands with buttons to Locate and Teleport.You can view the day's Events and click Teleport to go directly to the meeting location if one has been set for the event. 

Select Locate to follow a line that leads you to the meeting space. Select Teleport to move directly to the meeting location. 

Notes on Calendar Integration

  • If you have not yet connected a calendar (and you have Build permissions in the Space), you can still create new events. If you have a Google Calendar, you can still create an event in the Google Calendar. It just won't show up in the Space's calendar.