A bubble is a temporary conversation between you and another person. Need to get a word in, but don't wanna disturb the flow or the larger meeting going on? Break out into a bubble. Bubbles are great for a speedy whisper with your neighbor without talking over the current group conversation. 

How to Start or Join a Bubble

  • Right clicking or double clicking on another avatar in the space to open the Context Menu. Then click Start Bubble!

A gif demonstrating how to start a bubble. Two users stand in a room. The first user clicks on the second user and selects 'Start Bubble', and then the first user's avatar automatically walks over and enters into a semi-private conversation.

  • People outside your bubble will still be able to hear you, albeit very softly (and with transparent video). People can join and leave bubbles freely, even across private spaces. 

When bubbled, you can control the volume of conversation outside your bubble. 

Host multiple bubbles as well!

Warning: Screen sharing in a bubble will broadcast your screen to everyone who could see you in a normal conversation. 

How to Leave a Bubble

Two methods to leave a bubble: 

  1. Move your avatar away by using the arrow keys or WASD keys
  2. Click the Leave Bubble button 

Leave Bubble button