Beta & Partial Roll Out Features

At Gather, we are constantly developing and testing new features to enhance your experience! We rely on A/B testing and partial roll-out of features to understand what works best for our users. These features are often not fully documented here in our help center based on their tendency to change. However, we want to provide a list and quick description of some of the features you may or may not see in your Space. Keep in mind that Remote Work and Event Spaces have unique features designed to meet the needs of each use case. The following is a list of features that appear in each use case.

Note: Many features are related to the type of Space you've made (events or remote work). Turning on Beta Features in your Space Settings does not guarantee access to these features. 

Current Features in Development

FeatureDescriptionSpace Type
ConfettiA keyboard shortcut to shoot out confetti when you press "f" on your keyboard.All
Go kart stationObject in the Object Picker that provides three go karts for your office. You must be a Builder or Admin in a Remote Work Space to add, and you must refresh your Space after adding the Station to use the karts.Remote Work
Cookie huntA cookie on a plate that daily spawns somewhere in the office Space. The first person to get to the cookie wins a special blue cookie hat to wear. Remote Work (Partial)
AchievementsUnlock extra wearables for achievements/badges in your Space, like talking to others, walking around, and more.Remote Work
Rec RoomA doorway portal that leads to an experience template, like Tetris, Go-Karts, or Speed Gathering. The Rec Room is default in new remote work templates and can be added from the Object Picker in Remote Work Spaces. Read more about the Rec Room.Remote Work

Dynamic Map builderCreate a custom Event Space based on the expected number of attendees and the Rooms you choose to add to your Space.Events
Talk RoomsRooms in Event Spaces that are equipped with additional host features, such as moderated Q&A, the ability to lock the Room and auto-mute everyone, and a "Speaker" roleEvents
SessionsCreate a schedule for your event. You can choose the Room for the session and assign speakers. The schedule displays in your Space calendar and on the landing page. Events
PetsAdd a pet to your Space that follows you when you press "x" to pet it.All
Photo ModeGrab a screenshot with or without videos to save a memory in your Gather Space. Events