Islands Scavenger Hunt

For some added fun, we've put together a scavenger hunt that you can do solo or with your friends!

To get started, head on over to the Create a Space page and create a new space using the "Islands" template. For an extra challenge, you can try doing the same scavenger hunt using the nighttime version! It's the same map, but with mood lighting!

A screenshot of a character in a blue hat named One of the islands complete with a quiet spot to fish!

Here's the list of Easter eggs to be on the look out for!

  1.  A Starfish (there's only 1!)
  2.  A Sand Castle
  3.  2 Cups of Shaved ice
  4.  A Message in a Bottle
  5.  3 Angel Statues
  6.  A Fish
  7.  A tree that's not a palm tree
  8.  Secret Poker Game
  9.  A fire pit that makes sound
  10.  A loudspeaker in the water
  11.  A ticket to a music festival
  12.  An outrigger canoe
  13.  A Teapot
  14.  4 potted plants
  15.  The stranded castaway and his volleyball friend
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