Background Painter (Walls and Floors) [Beta]

The background painter is a powerful tool that allows users to draw their own walls and floors from scratch in a matter of minutes. 

If your Space already has a background image (which is typical for a space created using our templates), using the Background Painter will delete the existing background.  

If you use one of our templates, you will not be able to expand the map itself unless you download and edit the background in a photo editing program or recreate the entire background using our Background Painting Tool.

There are several ways to access the background painter. The easiest way is by creating a new space/room in the mapmaker.  If you decide to create a new space you can simply select the "Walls & Floors" button at the top of the mapmaker to start drawing your room.

You can begin drawing your room by selecting the "Walls & Floors" button at the top of the page

Once you have selected the "Walls & Floors" button you may now begin drawing. We recommend that you start with drawing the walls first and then fill in the floors after the walls are built.

To use the wall tool you simply drag your mouse in a straight line (note that it should only be one tile tall for the walls). You may create corners, intersections, etc. as well! 

Make sure to select the "Walls" button in the upper left of the mapmaker is highlighted when 

Using the floor tool is even easier, you can simply drag your mouse in a box shape and the floors will fill in that square. 

Image caption

When using the Background Painter, saving becomes a 2-step process where you need to first confirm your changes (the check mark) and additionally save the map. This way you can check how your changes look with all of your objects before committing to the change by clicking the "Save" button. 

When clicking "Done" you can check how your new walls and floors look with your existing space. If you want to revert changes, simply close the tab and your changes will not be saved. If you are happy with how it looks, remember to click "Save."

Remember: You cannot use the Background Painter if the room is a template and/or the map was made in Photoshop, Tiled, etc. 
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