There's nothing quite like a round of applause to really boost a speaker's morale. Now you can show your appreciation with our applause extension!

Enabling applause in a Space is currently a three-step process:

Enable Beta Features

Extensions are currently in beta testing, so to access them, you first need to enable beta features in your Space. As the Space Admin/Owner or Moderator, open Settings from the Left Nav Menu (Ctrl/⌘ + P). Select the Space tab, and in the Space Preferences section, toggle on Beta Features.

The Settings window with the Space tab active. The Space Preferences section is selected, and Beta Features is toggled on. Beneath Beta Features, a description reads: Open Settings, select the Space tab, and in Space Preferences, toggle on Beta Features.

Enable Extensions

Next, you need to enable the extension in the Mapmaker. (Remember, you must have the Builder role to access the Mapmaker.) Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Edit in Mapmaker.

Build, which is a hammer icon, is outlined in red, and the Edit in Mapmaker button is outlined in red.Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Edit in Mapmaker. The Mapmaker opens in a new tab. Select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings

A view of the Mapmaker with the hamburger menu open. Extension Settings is the last option in the menu. From the Mapmaker, select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings. (Only displays if Beta Features are turned on.) The Extensions window opens. A list of available extensions displays (a checkmark displays next to each extension that has been activated). 

Enable Applause

In the Extensions window, select Applause. Then choose Activate Extension, then Apply changes

The Extensions window is open, and a red box is drawn around Applause in the left menu, with an arrow pointing to the Activate Extension button.In the Extensions window, select Applause. Select Activate Extension, then Apply changes. Close the Extensions window and return to your Space. 

Any time a bunch of people start dancing (press "z" on the keyboard), shoot confetti (press "f" on the keyboard [currently not available in all Spaces]), or send emotes (1-6 on the keyboard), applause is triggered. The applause grows louder the more people dance, shoot confetti, or emote! 

Tip: If you want to disable applause in a specific Room in your Map, enter the Room name in the Disabled rooms field in the Extensions window. Separate Room names with a comma.