Age Restrictions

At this time, no users under the age of 18 are permitted on Gather. Gather is not intended for children and you may not permit a child under the age of 13 to access the Software or Services. Throughout our application you will see the a box that has you assert that by continuing you are over 13 years old. This exists to comply with international privacy laws and standards, such as COPPA.

While the Services are designed for businesses and individuals over the age of 18, we recognize that the Gather platform may be used by educational institutions to create virtual Spaces with events that include students under the age of 18 and over the age of 13. In such cases, the host institution is responsible for managing the Child data and collecting consents as required by law. Special contracts for such use cases can be put in place upon request. Our team is still in the process of finalizing this workflow and putting the final contracts in place. Please feel free to reach out again in 3 months for an update on our policy for student users between 13-18 years of age. 

More information on Gather's policies can be found in the following places: