Fun Interactions: Dance, High Five, and Throw Confetti

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Emotes are a great way to share your emotions with the team and react during meetings, but sometimes you might find yourself wanting extra ways to celebrate in your space. 

For those moments, we have a few special interactions that are sure to delight: Dancing, High-Fiving, and Throwing Confetti!



To dance, press 'z' on your keyboard. Your avatar will show off their best moves until you start walking. 

For an extra special surprise, dance while wearing one of the seasonal avatar outfits. You'll discover some new dance moves! 

High Five


If two people are walking toward each other and both use the wave emote, you’ll high-five! It’s a fun way to share a moment with your remote coworkers, no video or chat required. You’ll even hear a satisfying clap sound to make it even more real!

By default, the wave emote is in the first spot in the Emote Bar, meaning you can press '1' to use it. You can always click the Edit button to customize which number it’s assigned to on your keyboard.

Throw Confetti


To throw confetti, press 'f' on your keyboard. You'll throw a single burst at a time, but of course if you're really excited, you can press that key repeatedly to throw as much confetti as you like! 

If you have the Applause Extension enabled, throwing confetti can trigger the Applause sound if enough people do it at the same time. 

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