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Gather Mobile App

Stay connected to your team even when you’re on the go! Our mobile app allows you to create and join meetings, see upcoming events, and engage in conversations no matter where you’re working from.

This guide will explain how to use the Mobile App and answer common FAQs.

To download the Gather Mobile App:

  • Click here for iOS
  • Click here for Android

The Gather Mobile App is available in all regions for Android devices. It is available in all regions except for China on iOS. 

Getting Started

Today, the Gather Mobile App is most useful for holding conversations while on the go. You can create and join meetings, interact with chat and reactions, view upcoming events, and see who's online -- making it easy to strike up the conversation.

It is not possible to move around your Gather office via the Mobile App at this time. Your avatar will automatically join the area where a conversation is taking place, whether you join a calendar meeting or a conversation from the Participants Tab.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose to immediately Join a meeting or Sign in to your Gather account.

If you choose to join a meeting without signing in, you’ll need to enter a meeting link. You can find this in your calendar event or via the Gather Desktop/browser experience.

If you choose to sign in, you’ll be prompted to connect your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. This will allow you to see your upcoming events and join in a click without manually pasting the meeting link.

Joining Meetings

To join a meeting, you can either:

  • Click Join Now on the scheduled event you wish to join.
  • Click Join Meeting at the top of the screen and manually enter a meeting link.

Before you actually join the call, you’ll have a chance to turn your microphone and camera on or off, and can edit your name.

Your avatar will automatically be placed in the area where the meeting is being held. You won’t be able to move around, but your audio and video will be connected so you can participate in the meeting. Other users who join via Gather on desktop will be able to see your avatar in the meeting room.

Creating Meetings

Even when you’re on the go, you can be the one to initiate a conversation in Gather.

To create a meeting, click New meeting at the top of the screen. We’ll automatically find a private area in your current space to hold the meeting in.

Right now, the Gather Mobile App only schedules meetings in an available private area. It is not possible to schedule meetings at a specific location or your desk at this time.

If you choose Start an instant meeting, you can start holding the conversation right now. You can invite others to the meeting by clicking the Share button.

If you choose Schedule a meeting for later, you can finish picking the date and time in Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile Create Meeting.png

Interacting During Meetings

Just because you’re on a phone doesn’t mean you can’t fully participate in the meeting. You’ll find the features you need to be fully engaged:

  • Toggle your audio and video on or off
  • React with emojis
  • Raise your hand to signal you have a question
  • Chat with the group or send a direct message to add silent commentary

See Who's Online & Join Conversations

When you click over to the Participants Tab, you can see the activity happening in your office.


The Mobile App Participants Panel will show you: 

  • Active Areas where people are talking
  • Members and Guests in your space and their status
  • Options to join or start a conversation with active users

Gather Mobile_ Participants Tab HC.png

In the Participants Tab, people will only show as an Active Member or Guest if they are online via the desktop app/browser or actively in a conversation. If someone is only accessing the space from the mobile app, they will show as Offline at this time.

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