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If you are having issues and contact Gather for support, we may need you to grant us access to your Space so we can better troubleshoot. To allow Gather staff to access your Space, go to your Space dashboard and select Space Access in the Left Nav Menu. Toggle on Allow Staff Access

A screenshot of the Space dashboard. Space Access is outlined in a red box in the Left Nav Menu, and Allow Staff Access is also outlined in a red box. The toggle is on, which is indicated by the green color and the button moved to the right. Provide Gather Staff access to your Space from the Space dashboard. Click Space Access, then toggle on Allow Staff Access.

You can also grant Gather staff access to your Space from your Settings. Click Settings in the main menu of your Space. In the Space tab, select Space Access in the Left Nav Menu, and toggle on Allow Staff Access.

It does not matter whether you grant access from the Space dashboard or your Space Settings.

Gather Staff will never ask you for the password to your Space.

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