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Gather is currently designed to support two different types of spaces: Remote Work and Events. We design, test, and release features that are unique to these two space types.

Tip: You can easily tell what type of space you are by checking for the info board icon (sign post) in the bottom navigation bar. If you see an info board icon, you're in an Event Space. If you do not see this icon, you are in a Remote Work Space. 

Choosing Your Space Type

The type of space you have is determined in one of two ways: The option you choose at https://app.gather.town/get-started or the answer you select at https://app.gather.town/create.

Get Started

When you visit https://app.gather.town/get-started, you're presented with three different options:

  • Remote Office
  • Team Social
  • Conference

If you choose Remote Office or Team Social, you will create a Remote Work space. 

If you choose Conference, you will create an Event space. 


When you visit https://app.gather.town/create, you can create a space by picking one of our templates, copying one of your existing spaces, or creating a blank space.

The space type is determined by your answer to the question "What are you building this space for?" If you answer Remote Office, you will create a Remote Work space. Any other answer will create an Event space.

The template picker, with botanical garden selected. In the panel on the right, above the Create space button, you see What are you building this space for.

Differences Between Remote Work and Event Spaces

At a high-level, here's what each type of space is best for: 

  • Remote Work spaces have presence and productivity features to help you interact day to day with your coworkers. Hold meetings, cowork together, and build a team culture you love. Learn more here. 
  • Event spaces are optimized for hosting external guests during one-time events. Host conferences, hold virtual meetups, or plan things like poster sessions. Learn more here. 

Changing Your Space Type

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to change your space type at this time. If you want the same space you have to change types, you'll need to create a copy of the space and change the answer on "What are you building this Space for." To do that:

  1. Go to https://app.gather.town/create
  2. Select Copy from existing space
  3. Choose the Space you want to copy.
  4. Answer "What are you building this space for?" and choose the answer that aligns with your desired Space type:
    • Remote Work Space: Choose Remote Office.
    • Event Space: Choose Event, Social Experience, Education, or Other.

Warning: You must an Admin or Builder to make a copy of a Space. 

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