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The following article is essentially a list of all of the features available in the Space tab in Settings. Some features may only be available for certain types of spaces (Offices or Events). 

Note: Many of these features can also be managed from the Space dashboard. Read about User Role Privileges to understand who can manage features within a Space.

Space Preferences

Space Preferences in Settings allows you to add a Space-wide calendar, add a persistent message in Chat (in remote work Spaces), manage chat history, manage beta features, manage the Space tutorial, manage asset loading, manage the Invite button, and manage chat and screen share (in Premium Spaces). Admins and Mods can access Space Preferences.

A view of the Settings window the Space tab active and Space Preferences selected. Space-wide calendar, pinned moderator message, preserve chat history, beta features, and hide tutorial in this Space are visible.Open Settings and select the Space tab. The Space Preferences is open by default.

Preserve Chat History

By default, chat history preservation is turned on. Toggle off Preserve Chat History if you want chat messages to be wiped out every time the participant reloads the Space. 

Beta Features

By default, beta features are turned off. Toggle on to have access to new features that have not been fully released yet! If beta features are turned on, you can give feedback by selecting Send Beta Feedback (person with speech bubble icon) in the Space dashboard and settings, depending on your user role.

Disable Invite Button

By default, the Invite button is available at the bottom of the Participants pane so that any user in your Space can easily send an invite by email or link. You can toggle on Disable Invite Button to remove Invite from the main menu and to disable the button in the Participants pane.

Warning: Keep in mind users can still copy and share the URL; for more info about limiting who can access your Space, see Space Access Restrictions.)


Disable Push Notifications (Beta Feature)

If users have beta features turned on, they can choose to receive push notifications to know when a Space's Participants list changes from 0 to 1. This lets you know when someone joins the Space and no one else is there so you can enter the Space to greet them or hang out. You can toggle on Disable Push Notifications to prevent participants from subscribing to these notifications. 

Disable Chat (Premium Feature)

If you have a reservation or subscription (a paid Space), you can disable the in-Space chat feature. Toggle on Disable Chat to turn off chat in your Space.

Disable Screenshare (Premium Feature)

If you have a reservation or subscription (a paid Space), you can disable the screen sharing feature. Toggle on Disable Screenshare to turn off screen sharing in your Space.

Space Customization

Space Customization in Settings allows you to manage Global Build and to access the Build (the hammer icon) in the toolbar, then select Edit in Mapmaker. Mapmaker opens in a new tab in most browsers. You know you are in the Mapmaker if you see a tile grid overlaying your Space. Admins and Builders can access this section, but only Admins can manage Global Build.

The Settings window with the Space tab active and Space Customization selected. Global Build and Customize Space features display..Select Space Customization to turn on Global Build or to access the Mapmaker.

Global Build

The Global Build feature allows anyone to access the Build tool in the Space, which opens the Object Picker and Eraser. However, users will not have access to the Mapmaker unless they have the user role of Builder or Admin

Customize Space 

You can open the Mapmaker for the Space in a new tab by selecting the Open Mapmaker button. Only Builders and Admins can open the Mapmaker.

Space Access

Space Access in Settings allows you to set, change, or remove a Space password; allow Gather staff access to your Space; temporarily shut down your Space; or restrict access to the Space by email domain (Premium feature). These features can also be managed through the Gather menu in the Left Nav Menu, where you can also restrict access to the Space by guest list. Admins and Mods can access this section.

Select Space Access to add a password, allow staff access, shut down the Space, or restrict access to an email domain.

Tip: Read about our Space Settings & Moderation for complete details on ways to manage your Space.

Space Password

You can restrict access to your Space to only those who have a custom password. Just enter a password and select Save. If you have a password and wish to remove it, select Remove (if exists)

Note: There is currently no way to view the existing password. 


Require Login

If you want to restrict access to your Space to guests who are signed in to a Gather account, toggle on Require Login.

Allow Staff Access

Occasionally, Gather staff may need to access your Space to support you in troubleshooting an issue. Toggle on Allow Staff Access so that staff can enter your Space without needing a password.

Shut Down Space

If you would like to temporarily close your Space, select Shut Down Space. Only Admins and Mods can shut down or reopen a Space. 

Warning: Shutting down your Space removes all the guests from the Space. They will will not be able to re-enter your Space until an Admin or Mod re-opens it.

If a guest visits your shut down Space, they will see a message stating that the Space is closed. (This message displays an Open Space button for Admins and Mods to reopen the Space.)

When a Space is shut down, a visitor sees the message When you shut down your Space, guests are forced to leave the Space and cannot re-enter the Space until you re-open it.

Email Domain Access (Premium Feature)

If you have a reservation or subscription (a paid Space), you can restrict access to your Space by email domain. (Email domain is whatever follows the @ in an email, such as "gather.town" or "gmail.com" etc.) Enter the email domain and select Add. You can list multiple email domains.

If a user tries to enter your Space and is not logged into an account that matches the domain(s) you've listed, they cannot access the Space. 

User Roles

User Roles in Settings allows you to manage the privileges of users in your Space. 

Note: Currently the User Roles section in Remote Work Spaces looks a bit different than in other Spaces. Remote Work Spaces also have a Member role, which is not available in other Spaces. See the User Roles section for a complete description of user roles and privileges.


The Advanced section of Settings allows Admins to access the Space dashboard.

The Settings window with the Space tab active. The Advanced section is selected, which has a button to open the Space Dashboard.Admins can use the Advanced section in Settings to open the Space Dashboard.

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