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Some campus and corporate networks, VPNs, and firewalls will by default block traffic for Gather video calls. If you are using a campus or corporate network, VPN or firewall, and are having trouble accessing Gather, you can try the following actions to fix it:

  • Disable your VPN or Firewall

  • Visit your VPN provider's support website and try different connection options

  • Change your connection to a different server or network if your VPN will allow you to do so

  • Ask your network administrator to unblock the following endpoints, which we use to provide video calls on Gather:

Service Host Ports Explanation
Gather router *.gather.town 80, 443 TCP There are several services on the gather.town domain that are required for proper functionality, including the Gather API server and video backend. 
Twilio See Twilio's Knowledge Base for hosts in your region

3478 TCP, UDP (TURN)

Note that you do not need to allow traffic on UDP ports 10000-60000, we only need the three mentioned ports.

We use Twilio to accommodate firewalls and restrictive networks. Instructions for unblocking their IP addresses in your region are available on Twilio's Knowledge Base
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