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Chat Sound Notifications

You can now customize your chat sound notifications. By default, chat sounds will be turned off as "never". Otherwise, you can turn them on for all new messages or only for direct messages. 

Chat Sounds settings menu

Preserve Chat History

The Preserve Chat History setting is controlled by Admins and Moderators in Space Ctrl/⌘+P or by clicking Settings in the main menu. By default, Preserve Chat History is on. This means that all participants will see the chat messages that they are present to receive even if they leave and return several days later. These chat messages are stored locally on the user's computer; Gather does not store them. 

Note: Any new guests to your Space will not see past messages. If you send a message to Everyone, only the people who are present in the Space will see that message.


Remote Work Spaces: Meeting Room Chat History Preservation 

Private meeting rooms have different preserve chat history behavior. For private area-based chat, the chat now gets cleared once everyone leaves the meeting area. 

Disable Preserve Chat History

Admins and Moderators have the option to turn off Preserve Chat History. When Preserve Chat History is turned off, messages sent and received will disappear every time the page is refreshed.

To disable chat history preservation, open Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and select the Space tab. Select Space Preferences. (You can also access Space Preferences in your Space's Dashboard.) Toggle off Preserve Chat History.

A view of the Space Settings with Space Preferences active. Preserve Chat History is toggled on and outlined in red. Open Space Settings, select Space Preferences, and toggle off Preserve Chat History so that chat messages are not retained after page refreshes. 

Note: When Preserve Chat History is turned off, chat will be stored in the user's browser cache only, and every time the user refreshes Gather or reloads the space, any chat messages sent while persistent chat is off will be gone.


Disable Chat

Admins and Mods can choose to disable chat entirely in Spaces that have an upcoming or active reservation. To disable chat, open Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and go to the Space tab. Select Space Preferences. (You can also access Space Preferences in your Space's Dashboard.) Toggle on Disable Chat

A view of the Settings modal with the Space tab active. Space Preferences is active, and Disable Chat is toggled on and outlined in red.Open Settings and go to the Space tab. Select Space Preferences. Toggle on Disable Chat.

Note: Disabling chat is a Premium feature only available for Spaces that have upcoming or active reservations. 

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