Determining Space Capacity

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When you make a reservation, you will select your space capacity, which is the maximum number of users who will be in your space at the same time. In this article you will learn how to determine what capacity you will need and how to manage that capacity.  

Planning Your Capacity

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning for your space capacity:

  • You pay for concurrent users, not the number of space members. You can have more members than your space capacity. You are limited only by how many of them can be in your space at one time. 
  • You can edit the capacity of a one-time event reservation until about 15 minutes before an event starts. If you are unsure how many users will be in your space at one time, you can aim on the low side and then increase it if you need to.
  • You can increase space capacity even during an event. You just can not decrease your capacity during an event. 
  • If you decrease your capacity for a one-time event reservation before the event starts and receive a refund for the difference. 
  • If you increase the capacity of a monthly subscription, the changes go into effect right away and will renew the next month at the updated capacity. For temporary capacity increases with a monthly subscription, it is best to create a temporary reservation

Free to Premium

We are currently offering a 30-day free trial for up to 50 concurrent users when you create a new Remote Work space. After the trial period, your workspace will revert to our free plan, which allows up to 10 concurrent users. You can upgrade to a premium plan anytime during or after your trial ends.

By default, all spaces are on our free plan which allows up to 10 users in the space at one time. It also excludes our premium features. When you make a reservation, your space's capacity will remain at 10 until the reservation starts. Then, about 15 minutes prior to your reservation's start time, your space capacity is increased to match your reservation capacity.

About 15 minutes after your reservation's end date, your space's capacity returns to 10 when it returns to our free plan. If users are still in the space when it is transitioning back to our free plan, they may be briefly disconnected. 

When you move from a free to a paid plan, you do not get the first 10 users free. Once you move to a paid plan, you pay for each user. 

Capacity Limit

Gather provides a small buffer to accommodate a few extra attendees beyond your reservation or subscription capacity. If you exceed the buffer capacity, new guests or members will not be able to join the space. The space admin will be notified and given an opportunity to increase the space capacity. 

You can keep track of your capacity with capacity progress bar illustrated in the image below. 

Capacity Progress Bar in Admin view of the main Gather menu

Capacity Limit Notifications for Admins 

Admins will receive a notification when your space has hits capacity: 

Notification that the Space has reached capacity

Capacity Limit Text for Invitees Entering a Space at Max Capacity

New invitees who arrive in your space after it reaches capacity will see the following message by default: "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter."

Space Capacity Reached Message - "This Space is at full capacity. This Space reached maximum number of users allowed to enter."

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