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We are currently offering a 30-day free trial for up to 50 concurrent users when you create a new Remote Work space. After the trial period, your space will revert to our free plan, which allows up to 10 concurrent users. You can upgrade to a paid plan by creating a reservation or subscription anytime during or after your trial ends.

There are two types of paid plans or reservations on Gather. The first is a one-time event reservation which is best for events with a start and end date, even if those start and end dates are weeks or months apart. Subscriptions are best for persistent spaces because they automatically renew every month. In this article we cover which reservation is right for your needs. 

One-time event reservation (or temporary reservation)

With a One-time reservation you can specify the start and end date of your event, and you prepay for that time. If your reservation exceeds 2 days, you will be automatically billed the monthly rate, which means you will never pay more than $7 per user per month. This will appear as a Monthly Guarantee discount automatically applied when you make your reservation. 

If you have an active monthly subscription, and you need to increase your space capacity temporarily, create a temporary reservation. Its capacity will add to the capacity you already pay for with your monthly subscription. 

Monthly subscription

With a subscription you prepay for the month and your plan auto-renews on the same day the next month. For example, if you create your subscription on the 10th of the month, your plan will renew on the 10th of every month until canceled. This option is best for persistent spaces where people need access to it month after month with no defined end date. 

A monthly subscription auto-renews the same time every month. We will email you 15 days before your subscription is set to renew. It is important to cancel your subscription before it ends because we do not offer refunds for prepaid subscription services.  

Which plan is right for 30+ days? 

It is easy to choose which plan is right for your needs. Ask yourself, does my reservation need an end date? If yes, choose a one-time event reservation. If no, it's best to create a monthly subscription.

Note: We offer a discount if you choose to pay for a year upfront. Contact our sales team for more information. 

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