Options for Streaming Music

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Right now we don't have a feature to directly stream music. It's definitely on our wish list!

In the mean time, here are a few workarounds you can explore for sharing music in your space.

  1. Screen Share Audio through a Chrome tab using a browser-based music streaming service. Make sure you select the Share Tab Audio toggle when screen sharing. 
  2. Embed a YouTube video into an object with a synchronized start time. We recommend the TV objects for this! Note: People will have to stand near the object to see/hear it. 
  3. Use a separate computer and sign in as a "DJ" avatar. You can stand on a Spotlight Tile to pipe music into the room. 
  4. (Advanced) Follow this OBS audio streaming tutorial or this VB Audio Cable tutorial. (Just make sure you follow every single instruction up to the very end.)
  5. (Very Advanced) Use SoundFlower to redirect your outputs to your inputs. See below for more detailed instructions. 

Using SoundFlower 

  1. Download the system extension (do read the "Please Read" section): https://github.com/mattingalls/Soundflower/releases/tag/2.0b2
  2. Download the latest SoundFlowerBed (an app for the menu bar that allows you to quickly choose input/output redirect): https://github.com/mLupine/SoundflowerBed/releases
  3. To redirect output to Soundflower, open SoundFlowerBed, and under "Soundflower (2ch"), choose your output device. (For me, it's just "Built-In Output.")
  4. To make your mic play from Soundflower (which is now taking your audio out as its input), just choose "Soundflower (2ch)" as the source in your mic setup on Gather.

This Soundflower setup assumes you have a dedicated device acting as your Gather avatar and running the background music. In this scenario, your only fidelity loss would be due to the connection, not due to the quality of your device mic.

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