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Right now we don't have a feature to directly stream music. It is definitely on our wish list. In the mean time, here are a few options:
  • Use a separate computer and sign in as a "DJ" to pipe music into the room by playing the DJ's avatar on a Spotlight tile.
  • Use screen share on Chrome. If you want to isolate the audio that you're sharing to a specific tab in your browser (e.g., Spotify or a YouTube channel), select Chrome Tab, and choose the tab you wish to share, and select the Share tab audio checkbox.

Warning: Only Chrome allows you to share audio specifically. Using screen share to share audio does not work on Firefox or Safari.

Chrome's Choose what to share window, with Chrome Tab active. Annotations on the screenshot show that step 1 is selecting Screenshare in the Bottom bar, Step 2 is selecting Chrome tab, and Step 3 is picking the tab you wish to share. The Share tab audio checkbox is outlined in red.In Chrome, choose Chrome Tab, then select the tab you wish to share, making sure Share tab audio is selected.

  • Insert an object and embed a video, using the Synched TV option. You can broadcast a very long YouTube video, but guests will need to be within the object's Activation Distance to hear/see it. 
  • Use a third-party application like OBS
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