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When you create your first Remote Office Space on Gather, you'll automatically start a free trial that lets you invite up to 50 people to work in your office for the next 30 days.

This free trial gives you time to onboard your team, move your meetings into Gather, and experience those spontaneous connections you’ve been missing. If you haven't started your free trial yet, click here to get started and select Remote Office.

What are the terms of the free trial?

The Remote Office Free Trial lasts for 30 days and allows up to 50 users to be in your space at the same time. You can fully customize your office, invite teammates and assign desks, and experience unlimited conversations whether they happen in planned meetings or the moments in between.

During the Remote Office Free Trial, you will not be able to record meetings. To use this feature, you must upgrade to a monthly or annual subscription

The 30-day free trial for up to 50 people is only available when you create a new Remote Office Space. All other space types (Team Social, Conference, etc.) are not eligible for the 30-day trial.  

How does the free trial start?

The free trial starts automatically when you create a new Remote Office Space. All you need to do is invite members of your team to join you in your space.

 Check out these resources for introducing your team to Gather

What happens when the free trial ends? 

At the end of your 30-day free trial, your space will automatically continue on our Free Plan, which is limited to 10 concurrent users. 

To continue working with your full team, you'll need to purchase a subscription or talk to our sales team about an enterprise plan

You can compare the Free, Premium, and Enterprise Subscriptions here

Can I extend my trial or use it at a different time?

If you need more time to try Gather with your team, please contact our sales team.  

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