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Meeting Recording is currently only available as an invite-only Beta feature. We plan to make it available to a wider audience in the future, and it will likely be a feature only offered to those on premium (paid) plans.

What Can Be Recorded

  • Screen Recording can be used while at a desk or in a Private Area
  • Only the meeting in Gather will be recorded, not your entire screen
  • Recordings will include both video and audio of the meeting from the perspective of the recording bot
  • Recordings can be up to 24 hours long

How to Record a Meeting

  • Click the Screen Recording button on the bottom navigation bar and select Start Recording. All people present will be notified with a consent pop-up.
  • As the person who started the recording, you will see an Initiating progress bar. Everyone else will see a 3, 2, 1 countdown before the recording begins.
  • While recording is in progress, those in the meeting will see a camera bot appear in desk space or private area, as well as an indicator over the screen and avatar of the user doing the recording. 
  • You can end the recording at any time by clicking the recording button again.
  • Once the recording has ended, it will automatically download to your local device. You will see a Processing your recording... pop-up that shows the download progress.
  • After processing is complete, you will be prompted to specify the download location or download later. By default, the recording will download to your downloads folder.

Disabling Screen Recording

Space admins can disable Screen Recording for the entire space and control which roles have permission to record. To do this, go to your Space Settings -> Screen Recording.

Guests cannot initiate screen recordings at this time. 

Troubleshooting Unexpected behavior

Issue What to check Explanation
I can't record a meeting. 
  • Be sure to check your space is included in the Beta group. We aren't accepting new spaces into the Beta group at this time. 
  • Check if you're a Guest in the space. Guests are not able to initiate screen recordings. 
  • Check if your space Admin has disabled recordings.   
  • Check if you're in a private area or desk area.
Screen Recording is currently in Beta testing and is only available to a small group of spaces. We are not adding more spaces to the Beta group right now.

Screen Recording is only available to space Members, but an Admin may disable that feature for a space.

Screen Recording is only available when you're in a private area or desk area. Step into one of these areas to record a meeting. 


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