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Want to use a third-party platform like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or WebX to host a call? You can do that with our external call integration object! 

Add the External Call Object

To add an external call object, open the Object Picker from Mapmaker or from the Build pane in your Space. In the Object Picker, search for "call." Under Object Interactions, select External call.

The Object Picker with the external call indicator object selected and external call outlined in the object interactions options.From the Object Picker, search for the external call object and select External call from the Object Interactions.

Paste the URL of the call into the Call (URL) field. Set the activation distance (default is 10) and any other advanced options.

The external call indicator object selected in the Object Picker with a Google meets URL pasted into the Call URL field.Enter the URL of the external call in the Call (URL) field.

Place the object in your Space and select Save in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker. (No need to save if using the Object Picker in your Space.) meet.google.com/hashed-url

A small break out room with a square table and 12 chairs. The blue external call indicator object, which is a telephone, is in the center of the table. Place the external call indicator object in your Space where it's easy to access.

When anyone walks up to the object, they will be prompted to interact with the default message (Press x to interact) or your custom prompt message. When they press "x" on the keyboard, the embedded call link displays within Gather. They select the link to open the call in another tab. Gather automatically turns off audio and video when visiting an external call link.

The screen for interacting with external call objects. Text reads To enter, click this external link, with a hyperlink to a third party call. Beneath, text reads Clicking the link will disable your audio/video on Gather, so it won't interfere. To enter back into Gather, just come back to this tab!The screen that displays for interacting with the external call object. Select the link to open the third-party call in a new tab.

When the call is finished, return to the Gather tab and select Re-enter to return to the Room with the call object.

A white screen with the text Back from talk? Click this button to re-enter Gather with a green Re-enter button.After the call is over, select Re-enter to return to your Gather Room.

Here's a short video placing an external call object. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Set a large activation distance for the object so that anyone who enters the area for the call can interact with it. Otherwise, you will have too many people crowded in one small area.
  • You can place multiple external call objects with the same call URL in the Room or across the Space so more people can interact easily with the object.
  • If you choose to rotate call links throughout the day, you will need to either:
    • Designate someone with the Builder role to use the Mapmaker or Build tool to erase the object with the old call link and place a new object (with a new link), or
    • Create different objects (e.g., signs with the call time or speaker on the call) for people to get the next link. 
  • If you expect less than 100-150 participants, use Gather's spotlight tiles for the call.
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