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If you'd like to show showcase a video or set up a livestream, you can embed video into an interactive object. The following platforms are great options for sharing video:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube live (livestreaming)
  • Twitch (livestreaming)
  • Or really anywhere with HTTPS and a video embed link.

Note: Inserting the interactive object using the Build tool in your Space makes it easy to test your video, while using Mapmaker mode allows you to see the specific tile onto which you're placing the object.

Add Interactive Object

To embed a video in an object, open the Object Picker from Mapmaker or from the Build pane in your Space. In the Object Picker, select your desired object. Under Object Interactions, select Embedded video.

The Object Picker open in Mapmaker with the tv stand object selected and embedded video outlined in the object interactions.From the Object Picker, select your object. In the Object Interactions section, select Embedded video.

Copy the URL into the Video field. Set the activation distance (default is 3) and any other advanced options (more below).

The Object Picker with tv on stand selected and a youtube URL pasted into the video field. Paste the URL into the Video field.

Place the object in your Space and select Save in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker. (No need to save if using the Object Picker in your Space.)

A blue booth with a Gather logo and a tv on stand placed next to the table. A red arrow points from the tv in the object pane to the tv in the booth.Place the object in your Map and select Save.

When anyone walks up to the object, they will be prompted to interact with the default message (Press x to interact) or your custom prompt message. A small preview of the video displays at the bottom of the screen. When they press "x" on the keyboard, the embedded video displays within Gather. They can press "x" again or click the x to close the embedded video.

Advanced Options: Synchronized Videos

You can enter a Synchronized start time to choose the time and date for the video to play to everyone within activation distance. 

The Tv on stand object selected in the object picker with a date and time entered in the synchronized start time field. Use the calendar picker to choose the Synchronized start time to begin playing the video to everyone within activation distance.

  • To test your synced TV to see if the video plays back properly, set the 'time' for a time ~1 minute in the past, and make sure the video plays accordingly. (It should start ~1 minute in.)
  • Video objects with a synchronized start time set that have not yet reached the designated time will appear on the map, with a blank black screen. The blank screen will continue to display until the start time you have entered. Guests will not be able to start playing the video on their own.

Warning: If you are using a livestream link, do not set up a synchronized start time. This will prevent the livestream from playing.


Tip: Watch our Synced TV Object tutorial. Please note that the mapmaker interface is outdated in this video, but the general workflow remains the same.


Embed Video as Website

If you want video controls and closed captioning for a YouTube video, you can add it as an embedded website instead. To do this, you need to modify the URL of the video, replacing "watch?v=" with "embed/". 

For example, if the original URL for the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JePchzu_USM, you need to edit it to https://www.youtube.com/embed/JePchzu_USM

Then copy and paste the new URL into the Website field for your interactive object.

The Object Picker is open in Mapmaker, and the TV on stand object is selected. The Embedded website field is outlined in red, with an annotation showing the full URL, which includes an edited URL with the word "embed" in it.To add a YouTube video with player controls, use the Embedded website field in the Object Picker and edit the URL.

When the person interacts with the object, the video will open in an iframe as an embedded website, with the YouTube player controls.

A full screen of the Gather YouTube virtual events video, with the YouTube player controls visible.When you press "x" to interact with the object, the video plays in an iframe with the YouTube controls.

Note: For more troubleshooting and advanced settings for YouTube videos, read their documentation

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