Impassable Tiles

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Impassable tiles are used to prevent people from walking through the tile, which is handy for things like walls, tables, and plants. In our templates, Impassable tiles automatically are added to walls and on objects like tables or plants. These tiles are key to replicating real life and expected behavior in your Gather Space. 

Admins and Builders can place Impassable tiles anywhere within your Space using the Mapmaker. Select Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu, then select Impassable in the Tile Effects panel. Impassable tiles are semi-transparent red. Use the Stamp tool to add Impassable tile effects, and use the Erase tool and click on the tile to remove the Impassable tile effect.

A remote work office in the Mapmaker. The Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu is outlined in red, and the Impassable tile effect is outlined in red in the Tile Effects panel. A red arrow points from the Stamp tool in the Left Nav Menu to the cursor on the Map where a semi-transparent red tiles is being added on top of a plant. From the Mapmaker, select Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu. In the Tile Effects panel, select Impassable. Then use the Stamp or Erase tool to add or remove Impassable tile effects.

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