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The event checklist is our easy onboarding flow for hosting an event in Gather! To use the event checklist, head to your Gather homepage (, then select the Events tab. Select Create Event.

The Events tab of a personal Gather homepage. Two events are under Event Planning: one holiday party and one event in progress. Past Events show the tops of two event previews. At the top of the page, the Events tab and Create Event button are outlined in red.From your Gather home page, select the Events tab, then select Create Event to enter the event checklist. The checklist is made up of four steps:

  1. Basic Info: Enter event details like start and end time, number of attendees, and reason for the event
  2. Landing Page: Add a cover image, enter an event description, choose event buffer time, and add tags.
  3. Space Creation: Choose your Space and access the Mapmaker to customize it. 
  4. Space Dashboard: Make your event reservation, invite your event team, manage your Space access, and more.

To access the event checklist later, just select the event you wish to manage from the Events tab of your homepage.


Tip: Download the Gather Event Checklist pdf for a quick overview. For a higher level article with less details, check out 4 Steps to Hosting Your First Event!

Basic Info

First, we'll need to set up the basics for your event: enter your event details, choose your Space, and create an event landing page.

Enter Event Details

First, choose your event details. (Don't worry—you can always change these details later!) Pick your event date and time. Next, estimate the number of attendees. Finally, choose your event type and category.

The first step of the event checklist is entering a few key details.

Create your Space

The next step is to choose your Space for the event. You can pick from a variety of templates, link to an existing Space, or work with a Partner to create your dream Space! 

A modal with the heading How do you want to set up your Space? with three options: Select a template, Link to an existing Space, and work with a partner.Pick the Space for your event: you can select a template, link to an existing Space, or work with a partner!

If you decide to select a template, you can explore the Space before picking! Just use the arrow keys to move around.

The Select a template step in the events checklist. The Waterfront Gathering template is selected, and a preview shows Riley standing next to trees with a hot dog cart and a snow cone cart above him, next to the water.Use the arrow keys to explore the template preview!

After you've picked the perfect template, click Select Space. Give your Space a name (remember, you cannot rename it later). Your Space name is part of the unique URL for your Space (avoid special characters and spaces to make the best URL). If you want to prevent people from accessing your Space, you can toggle on Password protect and add a password. You can later manage your password from Space Settings or your Space dashboard. When you're ready, select Create Space.

The Name your space page, which shows a preview of the Space and a field for Space name. A password protect toggle reveals a field to add a password when toggled on. Name your Space and add a password, if you like, then select Create Space.

Create an Event Landing Page

Next, you can create a landing page for your event. This is the page you can share with your guests so they can easily see event details and join your event. 

  • Add a cover image: Upload an image to advertise your event. We recommend taking a screenshot of your Space! You can always change this cover image
  • Add an event host and description: Let people know who's hosting the event and what to expect. 
  • Event access: Decide whether you want to provide buffer time for guests to enter or exit your event. Your buffer time determines when guests can click Join Event from the landing page. 

The Create your landing page page, where you can upload a cover image with fields for adding event details.Create a landing page for your event with a cover image and event details.


The steps in the Customization section are optional. You can always access the Mapmaker or Space dashboard any time!

Customize Your Space

You can start to customize your Space from the events checklist by selecting Open Mapmaker. Gather's Mapmaker tool opens, allowing you to customize your Space. When you're done, just select Back to checklist

The waterfront Space in Mapmaker. Rubber ducks have been added in the pool, and alternating pink, green, and yellow Adirondack chairs line the edge of the pool.Customize your Space using the Mapmaker! You can add or remove objects and make the Space perfect for your event.

You can always access the Mapmaker from your Space to make additional changes. Check out these additional resources on Space customization:

Manage your Space

Select Go to dashboard to view the admin settings and features for your Space. We recommend making a reservation, giving your team access to the Space, choosing your Space access settings, and adding a pinned message for your guests.

Make a Reservation

If your event will have more than 25 guests, you'll need to make a reservation. Select Reservations on your Space dashboard. You can choose between a 2-hr or Per Day plan for a one-time event, or pick the Monthly Subscription, which auto-renews, for an ongoing Space. 

The Reservation page of the Space Dashboard. In the bottom right corner is a checklist with Make a reservation outlined in red.Make a reservation for your event by selecting the plan that best fits your needs: 2-hour, per day, or monthly!

Tip: Read more about choosing your reservation and see reservation FAQs.


Invite Your Team

If you want other people to help you with your Space, select User Roles on your Space dashboard. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, then select their user role: Admin, Builder, or Mod. 

The User Roles section of the Space dashboard. An email address is entered in the Assign roles field, and Builder is selected as the role. In the bottom right corner, Invite your team is outlined in red in the checklist.You can easily send invites and provide user roles to people on your team from the User Roles section of the Space dashboard.

Tip: Read more about User Roles and their privileges.

Control Space Access

If you want to control who can access to your event, open the Space Access section of your Space dashboard. 

You can easily send invites and provide user roles to people on your team from the User Roles section of the Space dashboard.

Tip: Read more on Space access restrictions, like adding a password, uploading a guest list, or limiting access by email domain.

Post on Information Board

If you'd like to post a pinned message, which will display at the top of Chat in your Space, select Information Board from your Space dashboard. Select New post to add a message to your guests.

The Information Board section of the Space dashboard. The Post message modal is open with text added in the Message field. Post on information board is outlined in red in the checklist in the bottom right.You can add a message that will always be visible in Chat from the Information Board section of the Space dashboard.

Tip: Read more about the Information Board, which lets you add pinned messages and make live announcements in your Space.


The final step of the event checklist is publishing it. If you haven't made a reservation already, you can do so now. 

Publishing Preview

When you select Publish, you can preview your event details, your Space, and your landing page. 

The Publish your event preview page. The event details show, as does a screenshot preview of the Space.When you select Publish, you can preview your event details, your Space, and your landing page!

If you're satisfied, select Publish event. Once you publish your event, your landing page is live. Use the landing page URL to invite your guests. Your guests can add your event to their calendar, share it with their friends, and save it to their Gather events. Guests will not be able to select the Join Event button until your event start time (or your designated buffer time).

An event landing page, which shows a cover image of the Gather trivia pub. The event title, time, and host details are listed, as well as buttons to Add to calendar, share, and save. The join event button is not active because it's not the event start time.You can preview your landing page and use the URL to invite your guests!

Tip: Read all the ways you can invite guests to your event!

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