4 Steps to Host Your First Gather Event

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Ready to host your first Gather event? We've split the process into four steps and conclude with support materials for hosts and guests.

Step 1: Create an Account

You need an account to manage all the amazing Spaces you're going to make! Creating an account and signing in are the same process—use your Google credentials or enter your email at https://gather.town/signin

A view of gather.town/app page, where you can select Create a new Space or Sign in. Beneath the Sign in button is a Sign up link to create a an account. The Friends panel on the right also shows a Sign in button. You can use your Google credentials to log in, or enter your email address to sign in.

Step 2: Choose Your Event Space 

Use the event checklist at https://app.gather.town/get-started (also available by selecting Create Event from your Gather homepage, https://app.gather.town/app). The event checklist will walk you through picking the perfect Space and nailing down the details. You'll start by entering your event details, and then you'll be able to select the Space for your event. There are three options for picking your event Space:

  1. Pick a template: Browse our wide variety of templates—you'll be able to customize it and make it your own!
  2. Link to an existing Space: Already have a Space and want to host your event in it? Awesome!
  3. Work with a Partner: Need help making your vision a reality? Work with a Gather-approved Ambassador.

A modal with the heading How do you want to set up your Space? with three options: Select a template, Link to an existing Space, and work with a partner.From the event checklist, you can select a template, link to an existing Space, or work with a Gather service partner. 

Tip: Read a complete walk-through of the events checklist.

If you want to start with a completely blank Space, go to https://app.gather.town/create, where you can review all templates or select Start from blank

The template picker at https://gather.town/create with the Blank template option selectedFrom /create, you can start from a blank canvas.

If you're starting from scratch, be sure to check out: 

Step 3: Make a Reservation 

Gather is free for up to 10 people in the same Space at the same time! If you have more than 10 guests, or would like to host your Space on a Premium server for greater reliability and access to our Premium features, such as more extensive moderation controls, you can make a reservation for your Space.f

Reservations and upgrades are made through your Space dashboard, which is tied specifically to each individual Space (not your account).  

Tip: There are a few ways to get to your Space dashboard. From inside your Space, select the Home icon in the Left Nav Menu, then select Upgrade Space.

A view of the gather.town/dashboard, where the Create Reservation tab is open by default. Three plans display: $2/user for 2 hours, $3/user for Per day, and $7/user for Monthly. Open your Space dashboard to make your first reservation.

For more information regarding pricing and making a reservation, check out the following links!

Step 4: Invite Your Guests

Now you're ready to host your first Gather party! The quickest way to invite guests is by copying your Space's URL and sending that link to your guests. For other invite options, take a look at:

Support Material

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