Friendly Plants

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Looking to bring the outdoors inside your Gather Space? Try our friendly plants that grow when you water them.

You'll need to enable extensions from the Mapmaker if you haven't done so already, then add the friendly plant.

Enable Extensions

First, you need to enable the friendly plant extension in the Mapmaker. (Remember, you must have the Builder role to access the Mapmaker.) Open the Mapmaker. Select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings

A view of the Mapmaker with the hamburger menu open. Extension Settings is the last option in the menu. From the Mapmaker, select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings

The Extensions window opens. A list of available extensions displays (a checkmark displays next to each extension that has been activated). Select Friendly Plant. Then choose Activate Extension, then Apply changes.

The Extensions window is open and a red arrow points to Friendly Plant, which is active, with red boxes around the Activate Extension and Apply changes buttons.Select Friendly Plant in the list of Extensions, then select Activate Extension and Apply changes.

Add the Plant

To place the friendly plant, open the Object Picker. In the left panel of the Object Picker, scroll to the Extension objects (look for the puzzle piece), then select Friendly Plant. Choose the friendly plant object, then place the plant wherever you desire!

The Object Picker is open, with a red box around Friendly Plant in the left panel of the picker. The friendly plant object is selected. From the Object Picker, select Friendly Plant in the extensions in the left panel, then place the plant in your Space.

When you walk up to a friendly plant, just press "x" to water it. You can water it every hour! 

Walk up to a friendly plant and press "x" to water it. You can water your friendly plant once an hour!

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