Bulletin Boards

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The bulletin board is a Gather object that can easily be turned into an interactive object to display information such as birthdays, holidays, game nights, meetings, lunchtimes, etc. 

Add Bulletin Board

To add a bulletin board to your Space, open the Object Picker using the Build tool in your Space (or the Mapmaker). Search for "bulletin board."

The Object Picker is open and the bulletin board is selected. Currently no Object Interactions have been added.Search for "bulletin" in the Object Picker to add a bulletin board to your Space. 

To make the bulletin board interactive, under the Object Interactions section, choose the type of media you want to embed, such as a website or an image. Add the URL or upload the file, choose your activation distance, and place the bulletin board in a spot that's easy for everyone to interact with. 

The Object Picker with the bulletin board object selected and Embedded website outlined in red under Object Interactions. A URL is entered in the Website field, and the activation distance is set to 4.You can easily make a bulletin board an interactive object to embed a website or image.

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