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You can link any embeddable website in an interactive object and have it open directly inside of Gather within an iframe. This includes individual Google documents, spreadsheets, and forms, but not Google Drive file directories. Almost any site can be embedded as long as the website administrator allows embedding.

Add Interactive Object

To embed an image in an object, open the Object Picker from Mapmaker or from the Build pane in your Space. In the Object Picker, select your desired object. Under Object Interactions, select Embedded website.

The Object Picker is open in the Mapmaker, and Kiosk is entered in the search field and a neon sign object is selected. In the right pane of the Object Picker, Embedded website is outlined under Object Interactions.Open the Object Picker in the Mapmaker. Pick your object, and under Object Interactions, select Embedded website.

Enter the URL of the website you wish to embed. Set your activation distance (the default is 3), and add a custom prompt message, if you'd like.

In the right pane of the object picker, Embedded website is expanded under Object Interactions, and the Website field shows the beginning of the URL to this help center. The activation distance is set at 2 and the Prompt message shows Need help?Enter the URL of the website you want to embed in the object. Set the activation distance and add a prompt message, if you'd like.

Place the object in your Space and select Save in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker (no need to save if you're placing the object within your Space). 

The kiosk is placed next to the railing and green spawn tiles in the game room template. Place the object in your Space and select Save.

When anyone walks up to the object, they will be prompted to interact with the default message (Press x to interact) or your custom prompt message. When they press "x" on the keyboard, the embedded website displays within Gather. They can press "x" again or click the x to close the embedded website.

A gif showing Riley walking up to the neon kiosk. A prompt message displays when he walks up to the object reading Need help? This help center website opens up within Gather. Then the x is clicked and the website closes.Riley walks up the interactive object, presses "x" on his keyboard, then sees the Gather help center embedded in Gather.

Embedded Website Troubleshooting

  • The website must be a URL that begins with https. Unfortunately, we do not allow http sites for security concerns.
  • The website must allow embedding in an iframe. If the site dose not allow embedding, you will see a "refused to connect" message or something similar when you interact with the object. You can test if a website will work in an iframe here: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_iframe 
  • A workaround for websites that cannot be embedded is to paste the URL within an object as a note interaction. This will allow the participants to see a URL when they interact with that object, as in the screenshot and gif below. If they click the URL it will open the website in a new tab.

The Object Picker open with an open book object selected. In the right pane under Object interactions, Note object is selected and the message field reads See my Goodreads with a preview of the URL.Add the URL in the message of a Note object interaction.

When the person interacts with the object, they can click the URL in the note to access the website.

A gif of Riley walking up to a small end table with a book on it. He's prompted to press x to interact, and when he does, a yellow note displays that reads See my Goodreads: with a Goodreads URLFor non-embeddable websites, use a Note interaction to provide the URL. 

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