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We've made amazing templates for you, but they may not perfectly meet your needs. If the template comes with more Rooms than you want, you can easily block access to the extra Room and/or remove the Room altogether. (Or if a template isn't just what you want, make a custom Space!)

Tip: While you can delete a Room from your Space, we recommend just deleting the doorway (or portal) to it, instead. This way, if you change your mind, you don't have to build the room again. 

Remove the Door

The quickest way to get rid of a Room is to just block access to the room. In most of our larger templates, this means deleting a doorway object and adding Impassable tiles where the door used to be. (In some Spaces, access to another Room may be via a portal. In this case, you would follow the instructions here, but just remove the portal object. In other maps, the doors/portals cannot be removed.) 

Warning: Not all templates all you to delete doorway objects. If you cannot select and delete a doorway in a template, we recommend designing a custom map to meet all your needs! 

In this example, we're going to remove an extra room of booths (Booths 1) from the Deluxe Conference map. Select Build in the toolbar, then select Edit in Mapmaker. The Mapmaker opens in a new tab. From the Mapmaker in the Rooms tab, select the Room that has the doorway (or portal) to the Room that you wish to remove. In this example, we're going to remove the Booths 1 doorway from the conference-deluxe-main room. Select the Erase tool in the Left Nav Menu, then click on the doorway object and then on the grey handle for the Booths 1 text. Both the doorway and the label are deleted.

A screenshot of the Mapmaker for the deluxe conference template. The Erase tool in the Left Nav Menu is outlined in yellow, as is the doorway and label for the Booths 1 room. Use the Erase tool to remove the doorway and the label for Booths 1.

Select Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu, then select the Stamp tool. From the Tile Effects panel, select Impassable tiles. Place Impassable tiles on the wall where the door was.

A screenshot of the mapmaker for the deluxe conference template. In the Top Nav Menu, Tile Effects in outlined in yellow, and in the Left Nav Menu, the Stamp tool is outlined in yellow. A yellow arrow points to the spot where the doorway was deleted. In the right panel of the mapmaker, the Tile Effects panel is active, with the arrow pointing from the Impassable tile option to the spot where the door was. Place Impassable tiles where the doorway was.

Delete the Room

While you can delete the booth room from the Mapmaker as well, as long as you've removed the doorway to the room, you don't need to delete the room.  However, if you wish to delete a room completely, select the Rooms tab in the right panel of the Mapmaker. Select the name of the Room you wish to delete. Select the three dots to the right of the room name, then select Delete

A screenshot of the mapmaker for the deluxe conference template. In the right panel, the Rooms tab is outlined in yellow. The conference-deluxe-booths-mixed-1 room is selected, and Delete is outlined in yellow. To remove a room entirely, click the Rooms tab in the right panel, then select the room you wish to remove. Select Delete from the drop-down menu. 

Confirm that you wish to delete the Room. The Room is now gone. 

Tip: If you have a complex Space, there may be more than one way to access a Room. Make sure you delete all access points to the Room so no one gets stuck or confused. Unless you're trying to confuse them. Then, by all means, disguise access points to the hidden room. 

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