How do I get a link to a specific Room in my Map?

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You can create links to specific spots in your Gather space using custom Spawn Tiles. When you share the link to that custom Spawn tile, your Gather guest is teleported directly to that tile on the Map. Keep in mind all new guests to your space will arrive at your default Spawn Tile location unless they are given a specific Gather location link.

You can create custom Spawn Tiles straight in the Mapmaker, or you can create a new one through the calendar if you have Build permissions in the Space. The process of creating an event with a custom location is demonstrated in the video below. For step-by-step instructions on creating custom Spawn locations, see the Spawn Tiles article. 

You can create custom Spawn links without having a calendar integrated in your Remote Work space. Without a calendar integrated, you are just able to create and copy the custom location link. With a calendar integrated, you can create an event that displays in your in-Space calendar with a Teleport button to the custom location. 

If you're in an Event Space, you may need to replace the current session schedule feature by adding a Space-wide calendar. After you add an iCal link in Space Settings > Space Preferences, you can use the calendar feature to access your custom Spawn links. You can remove the Space-wide calendar after retrieving your custom links, if needed.

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