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Poster File Tips

  • Must be a .png or .jpg file
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio:
    • Minimum width is 1000 px (24.46 cm)
    • Minimum height is 600 px (15.88 cm)
    • Landscape is preferable to view the full image, but portrait can be used with scrolling.
    • You can use PowerPoint, Canva, or another third-party application to design and save a 16:9 image.
    • You can use the same file for the preview image, but for the best view, we recommend an image that is half the width and height of the image. 
  • Maximum file size is 3 MB.
  • Do not use a transparent background.

Poster Hall Tips

  • Plan a dress rehearsal: Plan a time ahead of the event and invite your sponsors or presenters to join. Demonstrate how the Space works and review basic troubleshooting steps
  • Number the booths: Direct people to a specific booth by adding number labels (see Add Custom Text).
  • Understand interactive objects: When a person walks up to a booth, they will need to press "x" on their keyboard to view the poster full screen.
  • Understand private areas: Anyone who comes into the shadowed area in front of a booth can see and hear each other's videos. Anyone outside the private area cannot see or hear the videos of the people in the private area.Riley stands in front of his poster and Sam is in the private area in front of the booth. A green box is drawn around them with annotated text reading "Private area (Sam & Riley see and hear each other)" and a red outline around Heidi, who is not in the private area with them, with an annotation that reads "Not in private area."
    The shaded area in front of the booth or poster set is a private area. Anyone in that area can see and hear each other's audio and video (e.g., Riley and Sam), but cannot hear or see others' videos outside of that area (e.g., Heidi).
  • Use Presenter Mode: If you have pressed "x" and are viewing the full-screen image, select the Presenter Mode icon on the right of the image. Anyone who is also viewing the image in full-screen can see where you click on the screen.A poster is shown full screen, with a red outline drawn around the Presenter Mode icon, and a red arrow pointing to a cursor with a circle near it.
    When viewing an image in full screen, select the Presenter Mode icon on the right. Any time you click on the poster, a series of circles displays on the image.
  • Zoom: If you have pressed "x" and are viewing the full-screen image, beneath the Presenter Mode icon on the right is a Zoom icon. Just select the Zoom In tool to enlarge the poster. (If you're zoomed in, you'll also see a Zoom Out tool.) You can also click and drag to move the image around when viewing it full-screen.

Logo File Tips

  • Must be a .png or .jpg file
  • Minimum width is approx 64 px (two tiles wide)
  • Maximum height is approx 64 px (two tiles tall)
  • Landscape is preferable.
  • Maximum file size is 3MB.
  • Use a transparent background for your logo.

Booth Hall Tips

  • Review tips on having a dress rehearsal, using interactive objects, and understanding private areas from the Poster Hall Tips above. 
  • Plan a day where you turn on Global Build, invite your sponsors in, show them how to use the Mapmaker and add decorative and interactive objects, and have them spiffy up their booths!
  • Use interactive objects like the file object or TV and embed marketing materials, like PDFs or promo videos. 

Video Tutorials

We have several Mapmaker tutorials that you may find helpful when designing a poster or booth hall. The interface on these videos is a little outdated, but basic functionality remains the same. You can also search the internet for "Gather Poster Sessions" to see videos of other organization that have used Gather for poster presentations.

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