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You can control how close a user must be to interact with an object, which is called the activation distance. From the Object Picker, in the Object Interactions section, enter the maximum number of tiles a user can be from an object to interact with it. This distance includes all diagonals and is measured starting from the outermost edge of the tile(s) the object is contained within.

For example, if you were adding an external call indicator, which provides a URL to a third-party call, you might want everyone within 2 tiles to be able to interact with it. 

For an external call indicator, enter the URL and the activation distance.

If the activation distance is 8, anyone standing in a tile within 8 tiles of the object can interact with the object, as indicated by the transparent red square in the image below.

Anyone within the red rectangle can interact with the call object. Anyone outside the red rectangle would not be able to interact with it. 

If the object is larger than one tile, the activation distance starts at the edge of the tiles the object is placed within.

A keyboard in the center of a red transparent rectangle. The keyboard takes up three tiles, and the red rectangle shows four tiles of distance from the keyboard.The red area indicates an activation distance of 4 for the keyboard, which takes up three tiles.

Note: If you do not set an activation distance for an interactive object, it will default to 3. If set to 1, the user can only interact with the object when they are in the tiles directly next to the object. If set to 0, the user must stand directly on top of the object to interact with it.

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