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You can embed images in interactive objects in Gather. When someone is within the activation distance of the object, they see a small pop-up preview of your image. When they interact with the object, the full image opens in an iframe.

Here's a video that walks you through embedding images using our poster set templates. Otherwise, read on for more info.

Add Interactive Object

To embed an image in an object, open the Object Picker from Mapmaker or from the Build pane in your Space. In the Object Picker, select your desired object. Under Object Interactions, select Embedded image.

From the Object Picker, select an object. In the Object Interactions section, select Embedded image.

Select Choose File to upload the image, as well as a preview image. Set the activation distance (default is 3) and any other advanced options.

Select Choose File to upload your image, as well as your preview image.

File Requirements and Tips

Gather enlarges the image to fill the iframe, so exact dimensions and proportions are not required. However, for the best experience, we recommend the following:

  • Must be a .png or .jpg file
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio:
    • Minimum recommended width is 1000 px (24.46 cm)
    • Minimum recommended height is 600 px (15.88 cm)
    • >72 DPI
    • Landscape is preferable to view the full image, but portrait can be used with scrolling.
    • You can use PowerPoint, Canva, or another third-party application to design and save a 16:9 image.
    • Maximum file size is 3 MB.
  • Do not use a transparent background. 
  • Create a preview image that is half the width and height of the image (500 x 300 px).

Advanced Options

You can add a caption that the viewer will see when they interact with the object. The text you add for the caption will display when the image is open and you hover on the "i" icon on the right side of the expanded image. This caption is not alt text.

Note: Read the full description of objects' Advanced Options.

Place the object in your Space and select Save in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker (no need to save if you're placing the object within your Space). 

A poster object has been added to a green poster booth, and a red arrow points from the object in the object pane to the poster on the booth.Place the object in your Map and select Save.

When anyone walks up to the object, they will be prompted to interact with the default message (Press x to interact) or your custom prompt message. A small preview of the image displays at the bottom of the screen. When they press "x" on the keyboard, the embedded image displays within Gather. They can press "x" again or click the x to close the embedded image.

A gif of Riley walking up to a poster booth with Sam sitting behind a table. When Riley enters the booth area, a preview image of the poster displays. Then the larger embedded image opens, scrolling to view the image and reviewing the caption, presenter mode, and zoom features. Riley interacting with a poster with an embedded image in it.

Presenter Mode

When interacting with an embedded image, you and anyone else who has opened the image can use Presenter Mode to click and indicate specific areas of the image or poster that you are discussing. Everyone who has the image open will see the locations that you click on while in Presenter Mode. The indication will appear as a small colored circle that will disappear after a few seconds.

The embedded image is fully displayed, which is a graph paper with the words 1000 x 600 image visible. The Presenter Mode icon, which is a person next to a screen, is outlined in red, and an arrow points from it to the cursor. The cursor shows a red circle on the image. Select Presenter Mode on the right of the image to show where you are clicking when viewing the full size image.

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