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In general, a tile is one square of the grid on which you build your maps for your Gather Space. When you are inside of a Space, a single press of your arrow keys (or WASD letter keys) moves your character one tile in the direction of the key you pressed. 

All tile squares in Gather are 32x32 pixels in size.

In the Mapmaker, we have special tile types that are used to create specific effects. Each type of tile provides a different function for your Gather Space. 

Add Tile Effects

You can find and place specific tile types by opening the Mapmaker. Select the Tile Effects tab in the Top Nav Menu. The Tile Effects panel displays on the right of the screen. Select the tile type you wish to add. Click the Stamp tool to place the selected tile type on the map.

A view of the Mapmaker, which is a grid overlaying your space. In this screenshot of an office in Mapmaker, Tile Effects is outlined in red in the Top Nav Menu, the Stamp tool is outlined in red in the Left Nav Menu, and the Tile Effects options are outlined in red in the right panel. Red impassible tiles are visible on the walls, several green spawn tiles are in front of the door, and several areas are pinkish-purple private tiles, with numbers in them for area IDs. Open the Mapmaker and click Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu. Then select the type of tile you wish to add in the Tile Effects right panel. If you want to add tiles, click the Stamp tool in the Left Nav Menu

Remove Tile Effects

Need to remove or relocate tiles? Click Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker. Select the tile type from the Tile Effects panel. In the Left Nav Menu, click Erase. Click on any tiles you would like to remove. 

Note: You cannot drag existing tiles to a new location, so if you need to move one, delete it, then add it in the correct spot.

The Erase tool is outlined in red in the Left Nav Menu, and a arrow points to the Eraser cursor that is hovering over red impassable tiles.To remove tile effects, select the type of tile you wish to erase, then the Erase tool. Click on any corresponding tiles to remove (e.g., Impassable tiles are selected, so only Impassable tiles can be removed.)

Tips on Tiles

  • You can only add or delete the tile type you have selected in the Tile Effects panel. This helps you edit the different layers of tiles you have placed rather than accidentally deleting an Impassable Tile when you only wanted to delete the Private Area Tile in the same location.
  • Tile IDs are used for Private Area and Spawn tiles. A unique Area ID is necessary to ensure only tiles with the same ID share attributes. For example, in the screenshots above, each private area has a number. The seating area by the whiteboard and bulletin board has an ID of 1, and the seating area with the bookshelves has an ID of 2. If both areas had an ID of 1, participants could see and talk to each other from either seating area. 
  • For more info, see our Map Maker Types of Tiles YouTube tutorial. Please note that the mapmaker interface in the tutorial is outdated, but the basic functionality remains the same.
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