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Need to create a new Room or Space, but don't want to start from scratch? You can make a copy of an existing room or space, which will clone the map and objects. 

To create a copy of a Room or Space, you'll need to have access to the Mapmaker. You can review user roles and permissions here. 

Copy a Room

You can copy any room that belongs to a space where you have Mapmaker access. This is particularly useful in the event that your team creates a brand new space on Gather, but wants to bring over a specific room from the previous space. 

When you copy a Room, you are only copying the map and objects. If people have claimed a desk in Room A, and you make a copy (Room B), their claimed desk will only appear in Room A. To move desk assignments to Room B, you'll need members to unclaim their original desk in Room A and re-claim a desk in Room B. This guide can help. 


  1. Open the Mapmaker
  2. In the Rooms tab of the right panel, select Create a new Room. Give it a name. 
  3. In the Create a New Room window, select Choose from an exiting Space
  4. Select the space that has the Room you want to copy. Then select the Room. 
  5. The copy of the Room will load in the Mapmaker, and you'll see it listed in the Rooms tab.
  6. Use the Mapmaker tools to edit the Room if needed. Don't worry, changes won't impact the original Room you copied!

Copy an Entire Space

You can copy any Space where you have Mapmaker access. This is useful if you want to create a new space but don't want to start from scratch, or if you want to rename an existing space

When you copy an existing space, only the map and objects will be copied over. You'll need to redo your space settings, invite people into the new space and re-assign desks, and set up a new subscription. Don't forget to cancel the subscription in your old space if necessary. 


  1. From the Gather homepage, click Create Space. Choose Advanced templates and setup for experts
  2. At the top, choose Copy from existing space and then select the Space you want to copy.
  3. Fill out the required fields on the right and click Create Space.
  4. You'll enter the new Space. Feel free to use the Build Tool or Mapmaker to edit the Space if needed. Don't worry, changes won't impact the original Space you copied! 
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