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Can't meet up with your friends face to face? Need a good icebreaker activity for a work social? Sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs? Try out our Dungeon Escape! Navigate through three levels, interacting with objects and people in our escape room to solve puzzles and find freedom. 


  • Setup: The Dungeon Escape template is only available in the Experiences section at https://app.gather.town/create, so you must create a new Space to enjoy it. To invite players, just send them the Space URL!
  • Participation Difficulty: 🟡 (a little tricky, but that's just to solve the puzzles!)
  • Players: 1-20 (Up to 10 people can be in the Space for free)
  • Emcee: Not needed
  • Average Time: 20-60 minutes

Explore the Tavern

When you first enter the Dungeon Escape Space, you enter a tavern. Throughout the tavern, notes and interactive objects give you basic tips and tricks for your escape.  Press the x key to view and close the notes. 

The first room before entering the Dungeon Escape map. Riley is next to a table, which has a note on it. The note glows yellow to indicate it's an interactive object. The note is outlined in red, with a line pointing to the note, which reads "Tip: Keep your distance from guards and monsters." Press x on your keyboard to open and close interactive objects. Notes are key to succeeding in the dungeon!

Reviewed the notes in the tavern? Looks like you're ready to get started. Good luck!

Tip: Need to get back to the tavern? Just click your personal menu in the toolbar, then select Respawn

Escape the Dungeon

The following screenshots offer a few pointers for navigating the dungeon. For example, there are all different types of doors in Gather. Some let you go through walls. 

A view of the beginning of the dungeon map, where Riley is in the bottom right corner of the map in a cell. A red arrow indicates that Riley can walk through the wall to get to the next room.Check for secret doorways.

Watch out for the guards! They are mischievous and will pull you off path of success.

A view of a guard room. Riley is near a guard, which has a yellow question mark above their head. The guard has a text bubble that says "Did you hear that?"Stay away from guards and monsters! Get too close and you'll get sent back.

Notes are super important, and often give you key information about what you need to do first.

A view of one of the cells in the dungeon. A large yellow note is in the center of the screen and reads, "I, Marduke the Mad, have escaped this captivity! To reach the labyrinth, you will need to pass from fire to water."Pay attention to notes

Look out for portals that advance you in the map. 

Riley is near a swirling blue portal, which has instructional text that reads "Portal to the Plane of Water."Portals look like stone fire pits. A blue portal indicates a path to the Plane of Water. 

Need some perspective? Turn off Smart Zoom in User Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P) and zoom out for a bird's eye view of the level. 

A zoomed out view of the first level in the dungeon escape.Turn off Smart Zoom in your User Settings for a bird's eye view of the level.

Bonus Tips

  • Make everyone take a drink (of water!) every time someone gets booted back to the beginning of the level.
  • Set a timer and give out awards or bragging rights to the team or person who finishes fastest.
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