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Tanner Hopkins
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Do all your friends call you Speed Racer? If not, do you want them to?! Find your inner Formula 1 driver in the Gather Grand Prix! Use our template track, complete with obstacles and speed boosts. 


  • Setup: To get started, walk over the Socials Bridge if it’s in your Space. (Look around the edges of your office if you’re not sure!) If your Space was created before we built these magical bridges into our templates, you can add a Rec Room through the Object Picker.
  • Participation Difficulty: 🟢 🟢 (super easy)
  • Players: 2-8 (While up to 10 people can be in the Space for free, there are only 8 karts built into the template. Spectators can use the stage to watch and chat!)
  • Emcee: Optional for narrating the race
  • Average Time: 5-30 minutes

New Maps and a Competitive Edge

Our newest Social Experience features three maps and most importantly, a leaderboard, so you can keep track of your all-star racers.

Screenshots of three different styled race track templates


Pick a person to be the announcer. They should walk up to the stage, step onto the spotlight tile, and announce the race. There's no formal lap counter or countdown, so the announcer should tell everyone how many laps the race should be.

Someone can step onto the spotlight tile to announce the race. 


Up to 8 people can race at a time. Racers should walk up to a kart and press "x" to hop on! 

Tip: There's no lap counter or timer, so make sure the announcer tells everyone ahead of time how many laps you'll race, and then counts down to start the race. 


Use the arrow or WASD keys to steer, dodging the cones and aiming for the arrows for speed boosts. 

Press "x" to get on or off a go kart. 

Tip: The announcer has to decide the winner! 

For spectators or an announcer to see the whole race, open User Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P). In Appearance, turn off Smart Zoom and set the Manual Canvas Zoom to 50% or lower. 

Emcees and spectators can turn off Smart Zoom to get a bird's eye view of the track. 

Bonus Tips

  • Watch or listen to the Speed Racer theme song and/or episodes
  • Watch or listen to Nascar/F1 highlights 
  • Stream the Mario Kart soundtrack
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