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Pets are proven to reduce stress and bring joy to your life. Now you can boost your Space's mood with the pet extension, adding a loyal friend to your Space.

Enable Extensions

First, you need to enable the pet extension in the Mapmaker. (Remember, you must have the Builder role to access the Mapmaker.) Open the Mapmaker. Select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings

A view of the Mapmaker with the hamburger menu open. Extension Settings is the last option in the menu. From the Mapmaker, select the hamburger menu, then choose Extension Settings.

The Extensions window opens. A list of available extensions displays (a checkmark displays next to each extension that has been activated). Select Pets. Then choose Activate Extension, then Apply changes

The Extensions window is open, and the Pets option is selected in the Left Nav Menu. A red box is drawn around Pets with an arrow pointing to the Activate Extension button.In the Extensions window, select Pets. Select Activate Extension.

Close the Extensions window. From the Mapmaker, or from your Space, open the Object Picker.

Add the Pet Bed

From the Object Picker, in the category menu on the left, scroll down to the extensions, which show a puzzle piece icon next to them. Select the Pets extension, then select the pet bed.

The Object Picker is open and Pets is outlined in red in the Left Nav Menu. The pet bed object is also selected.From the Object Picker, select the Pets extension, then select the pet bed to add to your Space.

Click Select, and place the pet bed in the Map. Select Save in the Top Nav Menu.

An office in the Mapmaker with a tan pet bed placed in a seating area with blue couches. A red arrow points from the pet bed in the right pane to the bed placed in the Map.Place the pet bed object on the Map.

Note: A max of four pets will show up in your Space. If you add more than four pet beds, pets will not show up on the additional beds.  

Pet the Dog

Enter your Space and walk up to the pet bed, then press "x" on your keyboard. 

Riley is standing next to the seating area with blue couches. A brown and white dog is lying on the pet bed by the couches and a message reads press x to pet.When you walk up to the pet bed, press "x" to pet the dog.

The dog will now follow you around the office until you refresh Gather or until someone else walks up, presses "x" and steals the dog from you! 

A gif of Riley walking up to an office dog and pressing x to pet it. The dog then follows Riley around the office.

Add a Custom Pet

You can add a custom pet if you want to! You just need a sprite sheet, which is a set of images that combine to create moving characters, as well as an idle image in a .png (more below). To upload your sprite sheet, open the Object Picker and select the pet bed object. In the Object Details panel, select Advanced Options. Then upload your sprite sheet, as well as an idle image.

The Object Picker with a pet bed selected and the advanced options expanded and outlined in red. In Advanced options, select Choose File to upload your sprite sheet and idle image.

Sprite Sheet Specs

  • .png file
  • 128x160 pixels 
  • Custom sprite sheet: 5 rows with 4 frames per row: idle, walk east, walk south, walk west, walk north (see dog sprite sheet below)
  • Custom normal image: the sprite sheet (or single image) for when the pet is not actively following anyone. If you do not upload a custom normal image, the idle sprites from the Custom sprite sheet are used. 

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