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Want to brainstorm ideas and take notes during a meeting? Just add a whiteboard object to your Space! Gather's default collaborative whiteboards are powered by Eraser has a great interface for note taking, a canvas for drawing, or both! You can then share the link to the whiteboard or export the board as a PDF! 

Insert Whiteboard

To add a whiteboard to your Space, open the Object Picker using the Build tool in your Space (or the Stamp tool in the Mapmaker). Search for "whiteboard" in the Object Picker.

A screenshot of the Object Picker with "whiteboard" entered in the Search field. The whiteboard object is selected in the picker. To add a whiteboard to your Space, open the Object Picker and search for "whiteboard."

Place the whiteboard in the Space. To use the whiteboard, just walk up to it and press "x"! 

A screenshot of the fancy office template. The Riley avatar is standing in a conference room in front of a whiteboard. The whiteboard is glowing yellow and a message reads "Press x to use shared whiteboard."To interact with a whiteboard, press "x." Multiple people can interact with the same whiteboard at the same time!

 An Eraser whiteboard displays on your screen. You can add typed notes, use the canvas to draw or annotate content, or show both the notes and the canvas. Changes are shown in real time to those viewing the whiteboard, and multiple people can be adding or editing content at the same time. 

Share Whiteboard

If you want to share the content from your whiteboard, you can either copy the URL or export the content as a pdf. 

Copy URL

Select Share in the top right corner of the embedded screen. A URL displays, which you can copy and then share with others. Anyone with the URL can view the whiteboard in their browser outside of Gather.  

A screenshot of an active whiteboard. On the left, "A Sample Whiteboard" is the title of the board. The left side shows an example of typed text. On the right side of the whiteboard, a yellow rectangle shows the text "Example" with two arrows pointing to two other rectangles, which read "Option 1" and "Option 2." A squiggly line is on the canvas beneath the rectangles as an example of the drawing tool. In the top right corner of the whiteboard, the word "Share" is outlined in red, with a red line drawn to the window showing the whiteboard URL.Click Share to get a copy of the whiteboard URL. Anyone with the link will be able to view the whiteboard outside of Gather.


You can also click the download icon to download a copy of the whiteboard as a pdf, png, or svg. 

A screenshot of the same active whiteboard. The ellipses next to the whiteboard title are outlined in red. A PDF export option is expanded next to the ellipses.Click the ellipses next to the whiteboard title, then click PDF export. You will be able to save a PDF copy of the whiteboard.

Advanced Tips

  • If you want to keep your whiteboards associated to an Eraser account, click Sign in to Eraser. Eraser will open in a new browser window. You can use the whiteboard in the Eraser browser window, or return to Gather and use the whiteboard there. 
  • The content on a whiteboard is associated to a specific whiteboard object in Gather. If you want a clean whiteboard, you will need to place a new whiteboard object.
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