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Walls and Floors is an experimental beta feature that's only available for Remote Office spaces as part of Gather Labs. It's a powerful customization tool that allows you to draw custom walls and floors in the Mapmaker. 

Using this feature will remove the existing background image from your map. It is not compatible with templates or custom uploaded backgrounds. We strongly recommend experimenting with it in a test space first before enabling it in your live space. 

Enable Walls & Floors

To enable the Walls & Floors beta feature in your space, you need to be an Admin of a Remote Office Space. It is not currently available for Conference Spaces. Once enabled for an Office, anyone with an Admin or Mapmaker user role can experiment with Walls & Floors. 


Follow these steps to enable Walls & Floors in your space: 

  1. Open Space Settings
  2. In the Gather Labs toggle, Enable Walls and Floors. Your space will automatically refresh. 
  3. Open the Mapmaker. You'll now see Walls & Floors as an option at the top. 

How to use Walls & Floors

Open the Mapmaker and select Walls & Floors in the Top Nav Menu. A warning message displays. 

A screenshot of the Mapmaker without a background or Map uploaded. The Walls & Floors option is outlined in red in the Top Nav Menu. A Beta warning message displays: Placing Walls & Floors will remove any currently upload background image." A cancel and Continue button display beneath.

The background image will be removed and you'll only see the remaining objects and tiles. 

A view of the background painter tool in the mapmaker. The floors and walls that were previously visible are gone, and only the objects and tile effects display. The right panel shows six different wall options.

Select Walls or Floors at the top. We recommend you start with drawing the walls first and then fill in the floors after the walls are built.

To use the Wall tool, simply drag your mouse in a straight line (note that it should only be one tile tall for the walls and the tool auto-creates the depth). You can create corners, intersections, etc. as well! 

Using the floor tool is even easier. Simply drag your mouse across the Map and the floors will fill in. 

A gif illustrating the background painter. The canvas is blank, then the cursor highlights tiles to the right, then down, then to the left, then up, to create a rectangular room. The cursor then draws another line in the middle of the Space and a line from the top of the Space toward the new wall to create a Room. Then Floors is selected in the Top Nav Menu and a wood floor is placed by clicking and dragging the cursor across the tiles within the walls. A purple carpet is selected and drawn into the smaller room. Then Done is clicked in the Top Nav Menu, and the background painter closes. Then Save is clicked in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker.

When you're satisfied, select Done in the Top Nav Menu. The Mapmaker will display with the Background Painter closed. If you're satisfied with your changes, select Save. If you want to revert changes, simply close the tab and your changes will not be saved.

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