Inviting and Managing Guests in Your Office

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Inviting Guests

Learn more about how to invite guests into your Gather office. 

Better Guest Management

Gather gives your remote team a Space to bring people together. Usually that’s your coworkers, but sometimes it might include clients, candidates, friends, or even family members. 

Avatar name tags and Participant list "guest' labels. 


To help you manage these Guests in your Space, we revisited this experience and found ways to make it a bit more intuitive: 

  • Guests now have an icon above their avatar, so it’s easier for everyone to identify when they’re walking through your Space.

  • You’ll see this same icon next to their name in the Participants Panel, so you’ll also be able to keep track of them there. 

  • When Guests join you by clicking on a meeting link, they’ll enter Meeting View by default. This feels a little closer to other video tools they may have used in the past, so it’s a great way to ease them into your Gather office! 

  • Guests can no longer mute someone else in your Space. (But Members of your Space can still mute a Guest.) 

  • Any Member of your Space can kick out a Guest if they’re overstaying their welcome. 

  • If a guest revisits your Space, they’ll respawn in the lobby (your default spawn location) after 12 hours of first clicking your space link. 

Pro-tip for Guest access to your office: To add an extra layer of security between your lobby and your office, add a Password Door

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