Can you make a space for me?

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If you love Gather but would like someone to create a space for you, we suggest working with any of our Gather Ambassadors. Our Service Partners are independent firms that are Gather experts and can help create or manage your event Space! 

Our Partners provide some or all of the following services as a separate scope and fee: 

  • Custom map creation
  • Custom icebreakers and social events
  • Event planning and registration
  • Custom API development
  • Non-English support
  • Live technical support during your event
  • Live help desk staff and greeters during your event
  • Custom introductory videos
  • Presentation support, including slide design, video production, speech writing, and rehearsals

If you'd like to talk to or work with an Ambassador for the perfect event or space, check out the Ambassadors page. 

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