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You can create your Gather account before or after you create a Space! By default, when you try out Gather, you are an anonymous guest—you are not required to sign in or create an account. If you choose to create an account, it's completely FREE! You don't pay a thing until you make reservations for events or subscriptions.

Warning: It's always safest to create an account prior to spending a lot of time customizing a Space. If you're not signed into your account, you will likely lose your Space or changes you've made to your Space when you clear your browser cache.

We provide several ways to create and sign in to your account on our website and in your Gather Space. 

Create an Account

You can create an account easily from—just select Sign in in the top right of our home page. 

The Gather website home page, with the Log in button outlined in red in the top right corner of the page. From the Gather website, select Log in in the top right to create your account.

Alternatively, from your Gather homepage,, select Sign in in the Top Nav Menu

Your personal homepage prior to login. You have the option to Create a new Space or Sign in. Beneath the two buttons reads "Don't have an account? Sign up.".From, which is your Gather home page, select Sign in.

When you click Sign in or Sign up, the sign in screen displays. 

The sign-in window with a "Sign in with Google" button, followed by the Email field. Beneath the Email field is a button that reads "Sign in with email."The sign-in window allows you to create an account and/or sign in with Google credentials or with your email address. 

Create an account with your Google credentials by selecting Sign in with Google. Otherwise, enter your email address.

Use Google Credentials

If you'd like to create your account through using your Google credentials (also known as OAuth), select Sign in with Google

  • If you are already signed in to your Google account, you will automatically be signed in to Gather.
  • If you have not yet signed in to your Google account, a Google window will open for you to enter your Google credentials. You will then be signed in to Gather.
  • If you are signed in to more than one Google account, a Google window opens for you to select the account you want to sign in with. You will then be signed in to Gather.

Use Your Email

If you'd like to use your email as your login, type your email address and click Sign in with email. You will receive an email with a 6-digit verification code (from Enter the code.

The window that displays when you enter your email and click Sign in with email. Six empty fields display for the 6-digit code.Enter the six digit code you receive in your email. 

After your code is verified, the character picker loads. After choosing your character design and name, your character will appear in the Space.

I already created a Space! How do I create my account now?

The banner at the top of your anonymous Space warns that you will not be able to edit the Space in the future. You must sign in and recreate the Space to have edit access after you close your browser. 

A light blue banner at the top of the page reads "Hey there! You are not signed in. You will not be able to edit this Space in the future. Sign in recreate this Space to save it.When you create a Space and don't sign in, we display a banner at the top of the Space reminding you that you will lose ownership of the Space. Select the link in the banner to sign in or create an account.

When you click the sign in link, the account login window opens. Follow the steps above to (1) create an account and log in through your Google credentials, or (2) create and account with your email address and get a verification code to sign in.

Am I logged in?

If you're not sure if you're logged into a Space, click your personal menu (name and status) in the navigation bar. Your email address will display under your name if you are signed in. Also, if you're signed in, the main menu shows Sign Out if you are logged in.  If you are not logged in, the bottom item is Sign in, and you won't see an email beneath your name, as pictured below.

The main menu is open, and the bottom item in the menu displays Sign In, which is outlined in red. To see if you're signed into a Space, open the main menu. The bottom item will show either Sign In or Sign Out, depending on whether you're logged in.

We're delighted you've created an account with us, and we hope you'll love Gather as much as we do.

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