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The Follow feature attaches your Gather character to the person you're following so that you don't have to navigate. 

Open the Participants Panel and search for the person you wish to follow. Select their name, and on their info card, select Follow. (You can also open this info card by clicking on a person's name in their video preview.)

Riley's name is selected in the Participants list, and his info card is open. Locate on Map and Follow are outlined in red on the info card.From the Participants panel, select the person's name, and from their info card, select Follow.

You can also right click on a person's avatar and select Follow.

Next to Joy is the menu that opens when you right click on someone. The menu shows Start bubble, Follow, Send chat, and Move here.Right click on the person and select Follow.

To stop following someone, press an arrow key on your keyboard.

Note: At this time, there is not a way to make someone stop following you, unless you block them. Follow also isn't available on mobile yet. We are exploring these features for the future!

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