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Gather brings in-person collaboration back to distributed teams. Using spatial audio and video, you can move fluidly in and out of conversations and experience natural interactions in a virtual environment. 

This article will provide a general overview of all Gather features. To learn about our latest releases, check out our changelog

Please be aware that features vary by Space Type. Your User Role and Pricing Plan can also impact what features you personally have access to in a space. 

Overview of Space Types

There are two types of spaces in Gather with slightly different features: 

  • Offices: These spaces are best for regularly gathering with the same group of people, such as working with your remote coworkers. Offices include more features to streamline day-to-day collaboration and communication. 
  • Conferences: These spaces are best for organizing one-time events with guests, such as hosting a virtual community meetup. Conferences include more features for event management and moderation. 

If you're not sure what type of space you're in, take a look at the bottom navigation bar. If you see an Info Board (represented with a 'sign post' icon) you're in a Conference Space. If you don't see that icon, you're in an Office Space. 

General Features (Available to All Space Types) 



Icon (If Applicable)

Customize Your Avatar

Personalize how you appear in the space. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and accessories to represent your digital self. Learn more.  Edit Avatar.png

Walk Around & Interact with Objects

Use your arrow keys, WASD, or double click on the map to move your avatar around the space. Press 'x' to interact with certain objects. Learn more.  Interact with Object.png

Talk with Spatial Audio & Video

As you walk near someone, you can see/hear them if their audio and video are on. This makes it easy to come and go from conversations, just like you would in person. Learn more.   


Share your audio and video with everyone in the space, regardless of how close your avatars are. Useful for making space-wide announcements. Learn more.  SpotlightIcon.png

Customize Status

Communicate your current status to others with an emoji and custom text field. Learn more.  StatusIcon.png

React with Emotes

Express how you're feeling with emotes. These are great for moments where you want to react with unmuting. Learn more.  Emote.png

Share Screen

Choose a tab, window, or screen to share with the people you're connected to. Multiple people can share their screen at the same time, making it easy to go back and forth when you're collaborating on something. Learn more.  Screenshare Icon.png

Place Objects with the Build Tool

Decorate your space and add interactive objects, like a whiteboard for brainstorming or seasonal decorations. Learn more.  Build Tool Icon.png

Customize the Space with the Mapmaker

Fully customize everything about your space to make it your own. Great for showing off your team's personality and brand! Learn more.  Mapmaker Icon.png

Send Chat Messages

View and send messages to people around you or everyone in the space. Learn more.  Mapmaker Icon.png

Follow & Lead Others

Easily walk with someone by automatically following or leading them through the space. Learn more.  Follow and Lead.png
View Participants Panel See who else is active in the space. Click someone's name to see options for interacting with them. Learn more Participants.png

Office Features



Icon (If Applicable)


Connect Google & Outlook Calendar

View your upcoming calendar events and easily join meetings taking place in your Gather office. Learn more.  Calendar Icon Rounded.png

Schedule Meetings

Schedule calendar events that sync back to your Google or Outlook calendar and automatically have the Gather meeting link included. Learn more.  Schedule Cal Event.png

Record Meetings (Requires Active Monthly Subscription)

Record conversations that happen in Private Areas and download the recording to view later. This feature is only available Office Spaces with an Active Monthly Subscription. Learn more.  Meeting Recording Icon.png

Raise Your Hand

Similar to an emote, the 'Raise Hand' button shows others that you'd like a turn to talk (without having to unmute yourself and interrupt the conversation). Learn more. Raise Hand.png

Claim & Customize your Desk 

Just like working in an office, your desk in Gather is your personal workspace where teammates will look to see if you're online. Customize it to make it your own! Learn more.  Customize Desk.png

Set Availability

Set your status as Active, in Focus, or in Do Not Disturb. This adjusts what audio you hear from Gather and signals to others if you're free to talk. Learn more.  Availability Status Setting.png

Wave to Others

Send a wave as a simple way to say hello or get someone's attention to start a conversation. Learn more.  Wave Icon.png

Leave Notes on Coworkers' Desks

Place a gift with a note on a coworker's desk. It's a nice async way to interact and build connections! Learn more.  Leave Note.png

Customize Your Profile

Fill out your profile to help your remote coworkers learn more about who you are and what your role is on the team. Learn more.  Edit Profile.png

Conference Features



Icon (If Applicable)

Create a Landing Page for your Event

This page acts as the invitation to your event. Attendees can see event details ahead of time and join the space via this page. Learn more.   

Manage the Information Board

Post pinned messages and make live text announcements for everyone to view during the event. Learn more.  InfoBoardIconRounded.png

Take Screenshots with Photo Mode

Click the camera to take a screenshot of your space. This is great for capturing those special moments so you can share them with attendees after the event is over or use them to promote your next virtual event.  Photo Mode.png

Add Event Sessions to the Calendar

Help everyone know the agenda for event by adding sessions to the space-wide calendar.    
Turn On Quiet Mode You'll only connect to someone's audio/video if they're one tile away from you (instead of the normal five).  Quiet Mode.png


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