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The toolbar at the bottom of your Space provides access to key features in Gather. The features available to you in the toolbar depend on the type of Space you're in (Events or Remote Work) and on your user role. The following is a list of all tools available from the toolbar, as seen from left to right:

Feature Description Space Type
Features Available in the Navigation Bar
Main menu icon Main menu Send invitations, visit your home page, open the Dashboard, manage Settings, visit the help center, send feedback, open the desktop app, report issues, and sign out. All
Video preview icon, which shows your video when camera is on and your character when video is in carousel or off. Camera preview Preview your video feed. You can also pin your feed or expand your video. All
Personal Menu icon, which shows name, status, and edit pencil. Personal menu Change your character and name, set your status, turn on quiet mode, and respawn. All
Microphone on icon Microphone Turn your mic on/off. (Ctrl/⌘+Shift+A) All
Camera on icon Camera Turn your camera on/off. (Ctrl/⌘+Shift+V) All
Emote icon, which is a smiley face Emote Send or customize emojis. (#1-6 keys) All
Screen share icon, which is a computer monitor Screen share Turn screen share on/off. All
Icon of a hand Raise hand Raise/lower your hand. (Only available to Guests) Events 
Spotlight icon of a megaphone Spotlight Spotlight/unspotlight yourself. (Only available for Admins) Events
Photo mode Take a screenshot of your Gather Space, with or without video feed. Events
Recording icon, which is a circle within a circle Record Turn recording on/off. (This feature is in testing and is only partially released.) Remote Work
Minimap icon, which is an unfolded map Minimap Open minimap to view layout of the Space (Remote Work) or open mini heatmap to see where people are within the Space (Events). All
More icon, which is a right facing caret More/Less Expand or collapse to view additional features. All
Session panel View settings for Rooms with a scheduled session: allow customization, mute attendees, enable room chat, enable Q&A, approve questions, and download chat. (Visible to Speakers, Admins, and Mods) Events
Info board icon, which is a push pin Info board View pinned messages and announcements. (Admins and Mods can manage messages and announcements.) Events
Build tool icon, which is a hammer Build tool Add or erase objects in the Space, open the Object Picker, and/or open the Mapmaker. (This feature and/or access to the Mapmaker may not be available to all users, depending on Space Settings and your user role.) All
Calendar icon Calendar View calendar events (Remote Work) or session schedule (Events). All
Chat icon, which is two speech bubbles Chat View and send messages. All
Participants icon, which is two icons of people with number of participants to the right Participants View people in the Space. Select a name to open their info card to send them a message, follow them, request to lead them, or locate them on the Map. (Admins and Mods can also manually spotlight from the info card.) All


Tip: You can easily tell if you are in an Events Space if you see an Info Board (signpost) icon) in the toolbar. If you do not see this icon, you are in a Remote Work Space. 


Note: We are regularly developing and testing new features, so you may see some icons that are not reflected in all screenshots in the help center. 

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