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Our team has incorporated several pre-set games in our Object Picker. These games are set up so that you can join private games within your Gather space, so you can play while also video chatting with friends! You can add any of these games into your pre-existing Space, or you can use a Game Room template to create a Space full of games! 

Add a Game to Your Space

To quickly and easily add a game in your Space, just click Build in the toolbar. Type the name of the game you want to use, or just type "game" to see a full list. When you've picked the game you want, place it in your Space.

The Build pane is open and the object search field shows the word game, with a drop-down list of available integrated games.Add a game in your Space by clicking Build in the toolbar, then searching for "game." 

Existing Game Integrations

The following is a list of games that are available for you within Gather. You can find out more about the games and how they work on their respective websites below. 

Note: We don't own any of the games in the object picker.

Embed an External Game

You can embed a game from outside Gather if the site allows embedding. Open the Mapmaker, then open the Object Picker. Search for an object (e.g., Game Box) and select Embedded Website. Then copy and paste the URL of the game you want to embed.

The Object Picker is open in the Mapmaker, and the Game box (Generic) object is selected. Under Object Interactions, Embedded website is outlined in red.If you want to embed an external online game, open the Object Picker in Mapmaker, select an interactive object, and add an embedded website.

Tip: You can embed a game in Gather that (a) is available online at an https:// URL and (b) allows embedding. You may need to create a private game ahead of time and use that URL.

Use Board Game Night through the Rec Room

If you're using an Office Template with a Lounge Room (usually located at the top of the map), you'll find the Rec Room Object inside which will allow you to access Board Game Night: A board game experience where the games are already set up. 


If your Office does not yet have a Lounge or the Rec Room, you can open the Object Picker from the Mapmaker and manually place a Rec Room in your office.

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