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Gather offers two ways to customize your Space: the Build tool and the Mapmaker. As the creator of a Space, you can use either method to customize your Map and the objects in it. The in-Space Build tool lets you quickly add or delete objects in your Space, while the Mapmaker is a robust editing tool that opens in a new tab and lets you manage everything from the walls and floors to portals and spawn points. 

Build Tool

The Build tool allows you to quickly add or remove objects in a Space, as well as access the Mapmaker and upload custom objects. Just select Build (hammer icon) in the toolbar. The Build pane opens, allowing you to easily search for objects, quickly add a suggested object (like Draw Battle!), open the Object Picker, upload your own custom image, or access the Mapmaker. 

A screenshot of the fancy office complex, with the Riley avatar standing between the lobby and the desks. The Build icon is outlined in red in the Left Nav Menu, and the Build panel is open. At the top of the Build panel is a search field to find objects, a list of recent objects (if any), six suggested objects, and buttons to Open object picker, upload image, or edit in Mapmaker.Select Build in the toolbar to quickly add or manage objects in your Space.

When you've found the object you wish to place, just click anywhere on the Map to add it. When you're done placing objects, close the Build pane.

Tip: If you want to snap the object to the grid (handy for chairs and furniture), hold the Ctrl/⌘ key when you place the object. 

Erase Tool

If you want to remove an object, select the Erase tab in the Build pane. The object you hover over displays red. Select the object you wish to erase. 

A screenshot of the fancy office template with the Riley avatar standing between the lobby and the desks. The Erase tab is outline in red in the Build panel, a small red square displays beneath the Riley avatar. A red arrow points to the red square beneath Riley, with a label that reads "Erase tool."To remove an object, click the Erase tab in the Build panel. Click on the object you wish to remove. 


For more extensive customization of your Space, select Build in the toolbar, then select Edit in Mapmaker. The Mapmaker opens in a new tab, displaying the top left corner of the Map. A screenshot of the conference room in the top left of the fancy office template. Objects is selected in the Top nav and the Select tool is active. To  open the Mapmaker, select Build in the Left Nav Menu of your Space, then click Edit in Mapmaker. You know you're in Mapmaker if a grid displays on the Map.

From the Mapmaker, you can add, edit, or remove objects, tiles effects, walls, and floors, as well as add and remove Rooms. Remember to select Save before trying to view your changes. 

Note: You can review all the features of the Mapmaker here. 

User Roles

Admins, Builders, and Mapmaker roles can access the Mapmaker and use the in-Space Build tool. Members can customize a space as well if an Admin has enabled it. For more information, check out our article on managing roles.  

Warning: Only one person should be editing the Mapmaker at a time. If multiple people are editing the Mapmaker at the same time, changes can be overwritten.

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