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Ready to get started? You can set up your own Gather Space in less than 5 minutes! Here are a few important things to know as you get started:

  • It's free to make! There is no cost to creating or editing a Space.
  • Your Space can be used by up to 10 people at the same time for free! Just sent out invites when your Space is ready to be visited.
  • Place a reservation for 10+ guests. When you're ready, you can easily make a reservation for a One-Time Event event, for a specified date and time range, or for an ongoing monthly subscription. 

Option 1: Choose Your Use Case

If you start from our homepage (, we'll take you through steps designed for your specific use case. Just select Sign in or Get started for free and follow the prompts to quickly and easily start a Space for your remote office, special event, or community. 

First, select your use case (the main reason why you're making the Space) and then select Get started. We've got three main options to choose from: Remote Work, Team Social, or Conferences. The option you select dictates what you experience next.

Tip: If you choose Remote Work or Conferences, we'll take you through a few additional onboarding steps to help you get started. These onboarding journeys are still in development, so look for upcoming articles that will walk you through what happens when you choose Remote Work or Conferences. If you choose Team Social, we'll take you to to choose a template, which is what we describe in this article.

A view of the onboarding flow with the question: "What are you building your Space for?" with three options. The first option on the left is Work, which has a lavender background and a preview of office templates. The second, middle option in Events, with a light blue background and a preview of conference templates. The third and right-hand option is Places, with a light green background and a preview of a game room, cafe, and nighttime market. Beneath the options are a button for "Back to explore" and a button for "Get started." Select the main reason you're creating a Space, then select Get started.

Option 2: Pick a Template

If you'd like to take a look at all of our templates before getting started, head to You can create a Space using one of our out-of-box, fully decorated templates—choosing from a variety of categories list on the left. You can select Filter to narrow down choices by Number of users or Type of areas

Note: Number of users is the max number of the users you expect to have online and in your Space at the same time. Consider it a rough estimate of the maximum capacity of your Space.

A view of, also known as the template picker. On the left, a Search bar allows you to look for a template by keyword. Beneath are the current categories for templates, which include Office, Seasonal, Experience, Social, Conference, Education, Blank, and My Existing Spaces. In the center of the screen are the previews of the templates. In this screenshot, the Filter button has been selected, and the Filter menu displays, allowing you to select Number of Users (2-25, 25-50, 50-100, 100+) and Type of areas (indoor, outdoor, indoor & outdoor).From, you can view our templates or choose to create your own by selecting Start from blank. Select Filter to narrow templates by size or type of area.

Scroll through each category to see all options. You can also click Start from blank or Blank in the templates list to create a unique Space from scratch. 

Tip: If you'd like to make a completely custom Space, see our article on Custom Map Creation.

Name Your Space

When you find the perfect template, select the template preview.  Your choice is outlined in green, and a Space details menu displays in the right panel. 

Enter a name for your Space without any spaces; this will be part of the URL for your Space. It must be 25 characters or fewer.

Warning: You cannot rename a Space once it created. If you make a mistake, you can always create a new Space with the correct name using the Copy from Existing Space feature.

Select whether you would like your Space to be password protected. (Select the Password protect toggle to the right to require passwords. A Password field displays. Enter a secure password to share with your guests.)  Finally, answer the required question, "What are you building the space for?" and select Create space.

The template picker with the Experiences tab active and the Botanical Garden template selected. In the right panel, you details about the space and provides a field to enter a Space name, a toggle to turn on passwords, and a drop-down list for the reason you're building the space.  After selecting a template, provide a name (without keyboard spaces). To require participants to use a password to enter the space, toggle Password protect on (turns green). Enter a secure password. Choose the reason for building the space, and click Create space.

If you are not signed in to Gather, after you select Create space, a confirmation message displays. Use this opportunity to sign in or sign up to save your Space for future use. If you are just creating a test Space that does not need to be permanently saved, select Create space without signing in

Important! You do not need to create an account to test out Gather. However, if you would like to save the Space you create during this session, you must create an account or sign in. If you create a Space and do not log in, you will not be able to regain Admin access to the Space again!

The warning message that displays if you are not signed into your Gather account and you try to create a Space. The warning reads "You're not currently signed in. You might lose ownership of your Space" with two buttons: Create Space without signing in and Sign in. A confirmation message displays if you try to create a space without being logged in. If you do not need this Space permanently saved for future use, select Create space without signing in.

Congratulations on creating your first Gather Space! 

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